Can We Talk?


I am mildly obsessed with Goodreads. I realized this recently when I was in the car, had literally just finished a book before picking up my daughter from school and was driving to my older daughter’s school. So you see the problem, right? I didn’t have a chance–because I was driving–to add that book to my READ list on Goodreads.

It was killing me.

It’s like a sickness. It bothered me until was able to update and sigh with relief. There are other cases when I get crazy excited that I’ve started books which have been on my TO READ list forever because finally. The world needs to know.

And yes, friends, I love to stalk all of you. To read your favorite quotes and get updates about what page you’re on. I want to experience it all with you and like your status and add your books to my TO READS.


I have a pet peeve.

What the what with these people who rate a book that hasn’t come out yet? I’m not speaking about bloggers who legitimately have a copy of the book and have read it.  High fives for the bloggers.  No, I’m talking about the people who do this:


And then they give it five stars.

I’m sorry, what?  You haven’t read it but you just gave it five stars?

As a super-nerdy, anal retentive Goodreads girl, I really wish they’d create two separate rating systems. One for actual reviews and one for early buzz. Like an excite-o-meter.

Because I get it. I get that you’re excited (not that you would ever do this). I get that you can’t wait and you need the world to know you love this author/character/series. Hello, I soooo get it.

But back away from the star rating system please.

Any thoughts? Am I crazy? Grumpy? Outside my mind?

(I mean, yes to all, but regarding this issue, what do you think?).

12 thoughts on “Can We Talk?

  1. I think you should do more of these commentary posts. They’re hilarious. I think it’s just a way of giving a book they’re excited about five stars, but yes, it creates a false sense of how good the book really is… even if it is a really good book!

  2. It’s funny how all we ever hear about is how people give books 1 star ratings without actually reading the book, but yeah… people do tend to give 5 star ratings to book they’re excited about. Perhaps they don’t quite comprehend how a rating system works…

  3. Haha, no, I get it!! I get upset when people rate a book before they’ve actually read it! I understand that you’re excited for the book buuuuuut. You haven’t read it yet. You can’t rate it! What if you hate it? I get picky about those things too!

  4. I’m just now becoming active on Goodreads (I didn’t quite understand the point of it at first). And when I see people posting stupid comments for a yet to released novel, a little piece of me dies on the inside. Like really? C’mon, people. So to answer your question, you are definitely not alone in your opinion.

  5. I totally, totally, totally agree! It makes me so mad when people rate a book that hasn’t even been distributed as an ARC (or even been written) yet. Seriously annoying.

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