When You Don’t Love a Book You Should


Have you guys ever read a book that everyone LOVES (like, to die for swoonfest, I want to name my baby after this book kind of devotion) and then you read it and thought…meh. I mean, it’s not bad, in fact, it’s solid. It’s good. It’s just not something you love. But then you turn around and everyone–even the people you agree with all of the time–love it?

Do you wonder if something is wrong with you?  Do you feel like you’ve missed something? Do you consider rereading it and then go, um wait, no thanks? All of this made worse by the fact that its written by an author you adore.

That’s where I am right now. I read a book and it was good. It was a solid 4/4. I’d recommend this book to other people in a heartbeat. But we didn’t fall in love. There weren’t even any major sighs. This book and I have no real future together. Oh, maybe I’ll see a quote somewhere and feel slightly nostalgic remembering that part (most likely I won’t remember it at all), but I’ll never wish we could get back together. And even though I’ll probably read the next book–because I’m telling you, the first one was good–I’ll do it knowing we have no hope of growing old together.

Do you guys ever feel this way? I think in my case I’m bummed because I love the author so much and am so in love with characters from her previous books. I actually feel guilty for not falling head over heels this time. Maybe it isn’t fair to compare, but she’s set the bar so high, I just want major feels every time.

You want to know what book? Ugh. I still have to write the review. Maybe next week.  🙂

9 thoughts on “When You Don’t Love a Book You Should

  1. I was seriously going to write something similar actually. I just read the final in a series by an author I LOVE and I just kept thinking — this isn’t nearly as good as the first series she wrote. It was good, but when one bookblogger called it the author’s masterpiece I was seriously floored. So yes, I understand what you mean. And it happens with movies too. There are movies EVERYONE (in the press, I mean) loves, and I was like “eh.”

    • Yeah that happens to me with movies too. I think I really felt it this time because it seemed like a guaranteed swoonfest and to me, it just never really got there. Maybe if I’d never read her other books I would have liked it better…I’m not sure.

  2. This happens to me ALL THE TIME. I often don’t like the books everyone else seems to like. A lot of that is because of all the hype, and also there are some aspects of my personality/tastes that are different from most bloggers. It used to really bother me and get to me, but now I just don’t care. Even though I don’t like what everyone else seems to like, I have books I like, and that’s what matters most.

    • Totally true. I agree. I think the problem for me here is that since I love this particular author so much, I figured it was a given that I’d LOVE this book. And like I said, I liked it, but it wasn’t what I’d hoped.

  3. Oh yeah I’ve definitely felt this way before. I’ll legitimately like the book – but it’s not love. I won’t spend hours thinking about it afterwards.

  4. absolutely I’ve come across books by my favorite authors that have made me feel this way. it’s very disappointing to me when it happens and makes me wonder if it was me. maybe I wasn’t in the mood for it or perhaps my reading tastes have changed. I don’t know but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

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