Happy Birthday Numero Tres!


This little blog is three years old today. I remember it all like it was yesterday. Or, you know, three years ago. I had my list of favorite book boyfriends, I was crazy obsessed with The Princess Diaries and Harry potter (wait was? Make that am) and I relished the thought of talking about this with other people and letting them know what actors should play the characters in the fake movie version in my head, or why, when I hear certain songs, I picture characters and scenes from the books I’ve read a thousand times.  This blog has been that: an opportunity to be my dorkiest self and bond with those who feel the same. Over this past three years I’ve made some of my dearest friends, gotten to interview amazing authors, worked with incredible publishers, and most important, read some amazing, to die for books–some that I may not have read had it not been for recommendations from people like you.

Thank you for giving me an outlet, a little window into your day where we can talk about things like steamy kisses and Jonah Effing Griggs and why authors are my rock stars. There would be no point to this were it not for you, the friends who take the time to read and chat with me.

Cheers to another great year!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Numero Tres!

  1. A Birthday Limerick for the YA Crush Website

    For three years some awesome bloggers
    Sang the praises of young adult authors
    They wrote clever reviews
    And shared their fun views
    Sorry, nothing rhymes with Moscovitz

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