NaNoWriMo- One Week In

nanowrimo2-660x963I didn’t post about NaNoWriMo on November 1 because it was my birthday. Or rather, it was my blog’s birthday. But yes, as in years past, on November 1, I started NaNoWriMo along with every other glutton for punishment writerly person out there.

Of course, the debate rages on: Is Nano a healthy exercise or does it kill the soul? (I am on both sides of the argument at different times in November, obviously because at the beginning I’m psyched, I’m ready to roll and then by the third week I’ve usually decided Nano is an instrument of the devil, created only for people far more talented than I. Or me. Whatever). Is it about free-writing without edits or should we be more concerned with quality? Do people actually write good novels in a month? I hear Anna and the French Kiss was a Nano story, so at the very least, good ones can start there, right? But in my experience, I’ve found that I start out all excited and peppy and then somewhere in the middle I lose steam. I work on other stories. I get nowhere near 50,000 words (though I have complete WIPs with more), I complain like crazy and then I vow never to do it again. Like, ever.

But my girls love Nano. In fact, I wish Nano for Grown Ups was a little more like YWPNaNoWriMo, where you can set your own goal. My kids always hit their goal (and we set them high and often increase them throughout the month).  And I see them get excited and inspired and then I get all sucked in again. Because that’s what writing is about. Being inspired. Putting it on paper. The thrill of taking that crazy jumble in your head and making some sense out of it.

So in the first seven days, November 1- November 8, I’ve written 5,000 ish words. To be fair, I’ve only taken an hour or two over the course of maybe three days to do it, and yeah, that number is still super-sucky, but you know what? I’m not going to judge myself this year. I’m going to throw down all those parts that have been in my head for the last few weeks. I’m going to put the puzzle pieces on the table and stop worrying about how they’ll all fit together and just write it. Am I going to hit 50,000 this month? Negatory. I’m not even going to try. But I’m aiming to get a good start on a new story. Whatever I have on November 30th is more than I had on October 31st.

We’ll see how the next week goes.

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