NaNoWriMo- Two Weeks Down

nanowrimo2-660x963Soooo, we are at the halfway mark! How’s it going? Have you thrown in the towel yet? If not, I applaud you. This is right about where I gave up last year. I’ve since continued last year’s story and made great progress, but it was sucking the joy from me to try to get 50,000 words out in thirty days last year. Wasn’t happening. I had to stop. I’d have all these ideas and images flying through my head when I was out doing errands or someplace where writing it down was not an option, and then I’d get to my computer and stare at it in silence. The words refused to come.

This year, as I mentioned last week, I’m taking a different approach. I’m writing. I’m not stressing. If the words fail me (because it’s the word’s fault and not my brain’s, right?), I move on to the story I was working on before NaNoWriMo began, and then, of course, I read. Reading inspires me. It takes me away, makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me want to have twenty-five first kisses with my husband (who was, in fact, my first kiss way, way back in high school, late bloomer that I was).

This week, I’ve only written about 700 more words than last week. Yikes, I know.  To be fair, this happened:

And then, OBVIOUSLY, I became obsessed with this:



So, despite the word count, it’s still been a good week. And as I write this, there’s still another night to get some typing in so that at the time this posts, I could actually have thousands more words. Could happen. Yep.

Good luck to you in your writing adventures (or as you sit and giggle about mine. Don’t worry, I do it too). Don’t lose heart. Don’t give up! Every word you write–even if it’s nowhere near 50,000 words for the month–is one word more than you had before this began.


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo- Two Weeks Down

  1. Zazow – interj. used to express one’s reaction to overwhelmingly swoontastic awesomeness of Four (Tobias Eaton) in the film adaptation of Divergent;

    Zozow – interj. see movie trailer for Divergent and you’ll understand.

    • ooops…I meant Zazow (not Zozow) on the 2nd definition. However, this mistake allows me to use Zazow in a sentence:

      Zazow used in a sentence: Zazow! Four’s back is so deliciously distracting, I was unable to complete a comment without making a mistake!

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