NaNoWriMo- Week Three…Let the Apathy Begin

nanowrimo2-660x963So it’s week three. We’re almost there. I mean, not almost there as far as actual real, live word counts being anywhere near the Nazi-esque 50,000 word goal we are supposed to work toward (do I sound bitter?). These are the days I wish I were young enough to participate in YWP NaNoWriMo, where kids actually set the goal they feel they can achieve. It’s not like I’d choose 800 words or anything just so I can say “I Won!”  Sure, maybe there are people who’d do that, but I wouldn’t. I’d set a realistic goal that didn’t leave me feeling like a big, fat failure, and maybe some years I’d make it, some years I wouldn’t. But I wouldn’t begin the adventure thinking This is never going to happen.

But whatever. That is not the case.

This week was a little better than last week (not saying much since last week was abysmal). I clocked about 4500 words. Not great, but an improvement on last week. But I like some of the scenes I’ve written. I may even keep them (after obsessing over them more than any human should). And it’s still more than I had last week. And more than I had when this venture started.

Still, I definitely didn’t make enough time to write this week. I was busy looking like this over Allegiant:


And then I got all distracted by this.

Because I love it when TV shows and stars sort of collide. And I love that I didn’t know they were dating. And I love even more that Adam Brody was Seth Cohen, the cutest, most adorkable nerd around. And he grew up to be this:



We’ll discuss that more next week, I think.

Anyway, what were we talking about? NaNoWriMo?

Write on!


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