NaNoWriMo- The End


Soooooo, how’s it going? Is everyone feeling better/worse/accomplished/like a big fat failure?  Yep, I’m glad it’s over too.

This last week of NaNoWriMo flew by. My husband and children were off and we were hanging out, doing family things, eating lots of food, making cookies. The one thing we weren’t doing is sitting around watching me write.
But that’s a-OK with me.

My final count for the month ended at about 10,400 words.  Yeah, it was way short of the NaNo stupid, ridiculous, INSANE goal, but I’m happy with the start I got. It’s a beginning (actually, it’s a bunch of scenes out of order, but we’ll ignore that, shall we?). Originally I’d hoped for 20K, or 15K. Now I’m satisfied with 10.

I hope that wherever you ended you’re pleased and inspired to keep going, keep writing, keep reading, keep setting goals to reach for.


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