A Bookish Christmas

There are so many wonderful gifts to give to bookish people. I mean books. Books would be good, right? But what if you don’t want to get just a book (I know. I shuddered just typing that)? What if you want to buy them (or yourself, let’s be honest) something extra special? These are some of my favorite items found as I shopped and scoured Esty, and a couple of other places, searching for gifts for my friends and family.


OMG, The Book Thief!  Sob.

Every ring is a little different. There are many characters to choose from, all made from book pages.

I need this. Definitely. Probably more than one.

So much prettier than the ones you can buy at Target and Toys r Us.

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend was cray. Book pages are always better. Always.

For the Home

I have to buy this. Shopping for other people? Pisha! I’m shopping for myself because in addition to a book fetish, I also love pillows. I can’t explain it.

Is there anything else to say except “le sigh”?

Words of wisdom from Dumbledore.

I know! Everyone should start their day surrounded by Dumbledore’s wisdom.

To Increase Your Awesomeness

Oh my goodness, it has Jane Austen quotes all over it. Love.

I would consider drinking coffee just to have this.

Come on. Everyone knows you’re a giant Book Pusher, like me. Wouldn’t this be so amazing? It’s like you’d be a real librarian with the cool stamp and everything! We’d feel so official (see how I did that? I made you want this).

There aren’t even words to describe how badly I want this.

I hope you got some great ideas or some inspiration. My shopping list (for myself, hello) just got waaaaay longer.

You’re welcome.

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