Selective Collective: Secret Santa Gift Exchange


Everyone here knows how much I love my blogging besties in The Selective Collective.  Last year, our first as an official group, we had a Secret Santa exchange and it was so supremely awesome that we decided to do it again!

The thing that’s fantastical here is that I know these girls (even though I’ve never met one in person…yet) and they know me. We chatter pretty much endlessly on a daily basis via text and group e-mails and we have some pretty epic convos. And the very best part? Every one of us is a book nerd.  So we all get it.

This year I was spoiled by my Secret Santa.  When my package arrived, I tried to contain myself.  That worked for a few minutes.

Secret Santa 1

Should I wait or not? Hmmmm. Just a peek.

Then, I decided not to wait and tore on into everything. Seriously. I was like a five year-old.

Secret Santa 7

But not before I took this picture.

 Notice how I’ve strategically placed everything in front of The Polar Express book because yes, nerds decorate with books for Christmas.

Package #1

Secret Santa 2

Nom, nom, nom

Did you guys know that I love chocolate about as much as I love books? In fact, I have to, without question, have at least one tiny piece (or several) every day. My Secret Santa totally knows this and that’s why she filled this cute little mailbox full of chocolates and truffles and overall yumminess. I won’t tell you how long these pieces lasted, and sure, if you want to believe that I shared these bits of tasty with my family, you can go ahead and assume that. I won’t correct you.

Package #2

Secret Santa 4

Dexter. Be still my heart.

You guys, I love this book. I have no idea why I’ve never owned it. I cannot wait to read it again and fall in love with The Potato Opus once more.

Package #3

I know. Adorable, right?

I know. Adorable, right?

Can these BE any cuter? I love stationary. I think I know who I’m sending my first one to…

Package #4



Do you know how many times I have looked at this t-shirt and thought about buying it but never have? Too many, my friends, too, too many. But now I have it, okay? Okay.

The Big Reveal…

So who was my fabulous, sweet Secret Santa?

Only my buddy, Kristina, from Gone Pecan!

Kristina, I know you’ve already seen this picture (since I had to text it to you, obviously), but for everyone else, this was me after I opened my presents:

Not the most flattering photo of me, but a truly authentic moment. Whatever. I was excited.

Not the most flattering photo of me, but a truly authentic moment. Whatever. I was crazy excited.

Thank you, Kristina. You rock!

This year, I drew the name of Candice at The Grown Up YA. Wait until you see what I got her. She was so fun to shop for. Be sure to visit her blog soon and check it out.

Merry Christmas!

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