Howdy Stranger!

I’ve been pretty much MIA lately because of the holidays. With that comes Christmas vacation for my husband and children and everyone is home together watching White Christmas, wrapping presents, building things out of Legos and visiting tons of family.  This week, my husband went back to work but my children are still home with me for another week. I love this time with my girls, but it leaves little time to blog.

Also, I have to admit, while I’ve been burning the midnight oil lately, I haven’t been reading. And I haven’t been writing. I’ve been fine tuning my couch potato skills. Normally, I watch 1-2 hours of TV a week. Maybe. I’m just not a television person and so other than an episode of Downton Abbey or The Vampire Diaries, I don’t watch a lot. Until now.

Last week I fell in love, albeit it quite late, with Once Upon a Time. And it gave me all the feels I could ever dream of having.


Fairy tales, romance, KISSING? Where has this show been all my life?

I watched an episode or two when I was under the weather. And then it was like crack. I was cramming in two episodes every night while my family slept soundly. I watched twenty-two episodes last week. The entire first season. That’s like more TV than I’ve watched in ages. Or ever.

But because of my new Netflix addiction, I didn’t read anything other than a chapter or two of a book I’d already been reading for two weeks. TWO WEEKS! So I promised myself I’d cool it on season two for a while, maybe pick up something new, finish the things sitting on my night stand. But then my oldest daughter, who recently became a huge Jane Eyre fan (Chloe, you’re welcome) asked me to watch one of the Jane film versions with her. So I spent yet another night watching TV.

Jane and Rochester

When Michael Fassbender asks you to marry him you say YES. No doubt about it.

And you know what? It was so worth it. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books and though none of the films truly do it justice, I still always enjoy them. Plus it made my heart swell to see my daughter so in love with these characters, so excited to see them come to life on the screen.

Yep. I’ve been a total couch potato lately, but it’s been a beautiful thing. So, I’m backlogged on reviews and I have ten thousand books to finish. I’ll get there soon, I promise.

I hope thus far you’ve had a very happy new year!

4 thoughts on “Howdy Stranger!

  1. Oh Netflix… I swear it’s going to be the bane of my reading. OUAT is one of those shows that I used to watch pretty regularly, so I can totally understand how it will suck you into binge watching! I blame Netflix for my lack of reading during October and November (binge watched Doctor Who). And I am SO glad that Chloe is into Jane Eyre! It is MY FAVORITE. I wasn’t too impressed by the newest one with Mia Whatshername and Michael sexypants Fassbender; my favorite is the Toby Stevens one. Although I would highly suggest waiting until Chloe is older before letting her watch it. There are a couple of… er… steamier scenes in it.

    Anyway, I could go on for hours about Jane Eyre but I won’t. Glad you’re back to blogging!

  2. I LOVE Once Upon a Time! My cousin showed it to me when the first season came out, and I was instantly hooked. I haven’t been watching lately because of homework, but I’ll definitely have more time to be a couch potato during summer vacation (ugh, so far away!).
    Have you read Splintered by A.G. Howard yet? Since you’re a fan of OUaT, I think you’d like Splintered. If you’re interested, I just posted a review of Splintered yesterday:

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