Top Ten Tuesday- What I Love About Blogging

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.


This week we are discussing what we love about blogging and books in general. Wow.How much time do we have?

1. Reading– Obviously, the biggest thing I love about books is reading. I mean, it wouldn’t be half as fun if I just stared at the covers all day. But seriously, I love having someone tell me a story, taking me away momentarily into their mind.

2. Free Travel- Well, obviously I’d love to go to some of the places I read about, but the idea of being immersed in a place or a culture I’ve never seen or can’t possibly see because, you know, Hogwarts, is an incredible treasure.

3. Firsts Again- I think one of the reasons I love YA is because I met and fell in love with my husband in high school. I get it. I remember those awkward glances over the lockers, and stolen looks while walking to class. I understand having a first kiss you wish could last a lifetime and how it feels to fall hard, and I love experiencing it all again through the eyes of someone else (especially since I can do it with more perspective, more maturity, and hair that isn’t so big).

4. Things I’d Never Do- There are some seriously kick ass girls in YA and while I’d probably go hide in a corner if faced with some of the challenges they have to confront, I love living through it with them, doing things I’d never do in real life, at least vicariously.

5. Passion- I’m not talking about kissy, sexy passion, which is great, too. I’m talking about how, in many YA books, everything that happens–from the smallest thing to the biggest–is felt so deeply, with every ounce of emotion. True, it’s good to live my actual life with more maturity than that, to know that things will be okay in the end, that not everything is the end of the world, but I love watching that emotion play out through someone else’s eyes.

6. Meeting People- I often have epic conversations with my bookish friends, both the ones I know in everyday life and those I know from comments on this blog. I can’t properly express what a blessing it is to talk to people who have the same love of reading–especially YA–that I have.

I recently had an awesome, epic text covo with one of my girlfriends regarding a love triangle she was struggling with. I loved being there for her (she has done the same for me, trust me) and it was funny because my husband was sitting next to me laughing. I showed him the long thread of the conversation and he said, “You have found your people.” So true.

7. Reading Other Blogs- I’ve discovered so many of my favorite books because of other bloggers and the wonderful write ups they do. I’d choose a blog review from a trusted site over a review in a major publication any day.

8. Interacting With Authors- Blogging has given me the opportunity to act like a fangirl without coming across like a crazy stalker (or maybe I do come across as one. I’m not really sure). I’ve had a chance to interview a few amazing writers and the experience has always been awesome.

9. Spreading the Word- Not that my opinion is the end all be all, but if I’m able to help someone find a book that makes their day a little brighter, if I’m able to promote an author who writes things I believe in, then I’m totally satisfied.

10. Lists- I don’t think it’s any secret that I started this blog because I needed to list my favorite male and female book characters for my best friend. Yes, I used the word needed. Getting that out, making it known, made me happy. The world now knows. Whatever. Don’t laugh. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- What I Love About Blogging

  1. I love your list, especially #6, lol! I love that you also included “travel”; we forgot that on ours but believe it too! There are so many places I’ve “been” thanks to books. When we went to London and Paris, there were places I needed to say because of Harry Potter, Anna and the French Kiss, etc., and my husband was so amused he even went with me on a HP walking tour!

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