A Little Off Topic

Normally we talk about books here since, you know, this is a book blog. Today we’re switching gears a bit.

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this, but before I became a stay at home mom and Michael Moscovitz fangirl extraordinaire, I had an extremely amazing time in my career in fashion. It wasn’t the uber-glamour you see  in The Devil Wears Prada (although I once worked for a woman just like Miranda and I felt that movie gave a very good glimpse of life in fashion), but it was incredible in its own way.


Devil wears

Recently someone asked me what ten fashion items I’d have, no holds barred, if money were no object. I have to admit, I had so much fun thinking about it that I thought I’d share it with you. The pictures alone are worth a good sigh. For my fellow fashionistas (she says as she sits at her computer in yoga pants. Life is funny sometimes), you’re welcome. For those of you who aren’t interested in this sort of thing, I promise, there’s a book review going up tomorrow. Indulge me.

My Top 10 Luxury Fashion Wants

Right off the bat I feel I should dive into creative wordsmith mode and suggest changing the term luxury to fantasy because short of breaking into The Met and pilfering their exquisite collection of vintage fashions, a few items on my list are no longer available for purchase (I know. I think that’s cheating. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone). I have included images. Drool without shame.

Balenciaga-1931-Metropolitan-Museum-of-ArtHouse of Balenciaga Vintage Cocktail Dress
I can’t imagine where I’d actually wear a dress this fantastic, but if I owned it, I’d look for reasons to put it on. Perhaps you’d find me traipsing through the aisles of Target, or the local library,  fully decked out, but I’d want to practically live this dress.


Chanel Vintage Lace Gown
I actually sigh every single time I look at this image. It’s truly breathtaking. I’m jealous of those who experienced the heyday of Chanel when the goddess herself was at the helm.

Vintage Alexander McQueen
Again, a gorgeous, richly textured gown. I think it would be near-impossible to wear this without feeling as though you were a Hollywood star, minus the paparazzi and rehab, of course.

Red BirkinHermes Birkin Bag
The image is vintage but I have never seen a color more suited to this style than a gorgeous red. As a lover of fashion, even I am astounded at the price and degree of difficulty in obtaining a Birkin. Still, were money no obstacle, I would have this bag in a second. And I’m a mom, so there would still be bags of Goldfish crackers, ponytail holders, and crumpled school permission slips inside but it would look glamorous on the outside.

Classic Chanel JacketVintage Chanel Jacket
Clearly, I’m a huge Chanel fan. I love her suit designs. I particularly adore this look because it’s feminine and luxurious, yet balanced with a great graphic tee and boyfriend jeans it feels modern. This is exactly how I’d wear a Chanel jacket. Anyone want to buy me one?

Frye Shearling Lined BootFrye Shearling-Lined Combat Boots
These are a little more modern. They remind me a bit of my Doc Martin days, but I especially adore the buckles. Don’t you just LOVE these? I found them at Neiman’s. Not that I’m going to buy them. I’m on a Target budget.

7 for All Mankind Vintage Boyfriend7 For All Mankind Boyfriend Jeans
These may not be as luxe as a Chanel jacket or a Birkin bag, but as a stay at home mom, 7 For All Mankind jeans generally run at higher price points than most jeans I purchase. But oh, they fit nicely. They’re worth every penny.

Janessa Leone hatJanessa Leone Hat
As someone who doesn’t wear hats often, I feel that these are flattering to everyone. There are many great looks to choose from, but I’m partial to the grey.

Donna Karan CashmereDonna Karan Cashmere
This whole look—the sweater, the leggings, the boots—I want it in a very Veruca Salt kind of way.

JCrew Herringbone FlatJCrew Herringbone Flats
To the eye these may not seem as luxurious as, say, as two-tone Chanel heel (another shoe I’d die for), but as an “of the moment” look I’d buy right now, I love this herringbone flat. I favor ballet flats because I’m incredibly tall, so I’m always looking for flat shoes in patterns that pop. And again, as a stay at home mom, I’ve bought ballet flats in multiple price ranges, but paying almost $150 for this pair would be a luxury for me.

chanelshoe_two-tone_BChanel Two-tone Heels

I’m cheating again since I was only supposed to list 10 items. But I mentioned them above so I figured I should share a picture. These are my favorite version of this style. The bow. That just makes it.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny look into another part of my life. Maybe I’ll share more in the future.

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “A Little Off Topic

  1. gah, these are gorgeous. i love the modern take on the chanel jacket outfit. and i am right there with you on jcrew ballet flats. i would buy one in every color. i did have a pair of silver mary jane ballet flats from jcrew & wore them until there was a hole in the sole. true story.

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