Awkward Moments Reading With My 13 Year Old

Even though my daughters, thirteen and nine, are old enough to read themselves to sleep at night, I still try to get in a chapter with each of them at bedtime. Right now the little one and I are reading The Secret Garden (we’ve done the first Harry Potter, the first Allie Finkle, and Ella Enchanted, to name a few). My oldest reads classics, some Middle Grade, and some YA.  I monitor what she reads for appropriateness, but I have to be honest, I’m loving the fact that she’s finally able to enjoy some of my favorite books and authors.

Currently she and I are reading The Fault in Our Stars. Chloe is not a swoony-headed romantic yet (like her mother, cough cough), but she was willing to read this one with me since I’ve loved it for years and all of her friends are bugging her to read it so they can discuss it. It’s fun to see her laugh in all the best parts, and to watch as Augustus charms her.

The Fault in Our Stars

Which brings me to our excerpt last night. It was funny, but, yeah, kind of awkward to read aloud to your sweet, thirteen year old daughter. And since I’ve read this book many times (but always as a fan, not a mom, if that makes even the tiniest bit of sense), I’m sure this will be the first of many an awkward moment.

Chapter 6- Conversation between Hazel and Kaitlyn

“Augustus Waters,” she said.

“Um, maybe?”

“Oh, my God. I’ve seen him at parties. The things I would do to that boy. I mean, not now that I know you’re interested in him. But, oh, sweet holy Lord, I would ride that one-legged pony all the way around the corral.”

Me: (Insert nervous laughter. That moment where inwardly I say, OMG I can’t believe I’m reading this TO MY CHILD).

Chloe: Wait. What?

Me: Um, it’s Kaitlyn. She’s being sort of …crass.

Chloe: (laughing a little but uncertain). Okay

Me: (laughing a lot). Let’s move on.

“Kaitlyn,” I said.

“Sorry. Do you think you’d have to be on top?”

Me: Okay, I’m not even going to read the next part.

Chloe: Wait. Why? Is it that bad?

Me: (occurs to me that she may not actually get it, so I read it).

Chloe: I don’t understand.

Me: She’s referring to.. you know what? Nevermind. Let’s move on. One of my favorite parts is coming.


Parenthood. Always an adventure.









4 thoughts on “Awkward Moments Reading With My 13 Year Old

  1. Lovely that you are still reading to your daughters, it is such a nice experience to share 🙂 I can see how that would be awkward though, easy to forget those little parts 😛

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