I Mustache You A Question

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Four Names People Call Me Other Than My Real Name

1. Tammy (my real name is Tamara)

2. Tam

3. Mama (perhaps my favorite)

4. Tee

Four Jobs I’ve Had

1. Assistant Buyer for a retail/catalog house (women’s dresses)

2. Wholesale Rep for an intimate apparel company

3. Account Executive for a sweater company

4. Cashier/Visual Merchandiser (so, I dressed mannequins) for a retail store

Four Movies I Would/Have Watched More Than Once

1. Signing in the Rain

2. Bridget Jones’ Diary

3. Any Disney Princess movie (because I love them)

4. Love, Actually

Four Books I’d Recommend*

* Um, really? FOUR?

1. The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

2. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

3. The Princess Diaries series

4. The Harry Potter series

Four Places I’ve Lived

1. Baldwin Park, CA

2. West Covina, CA

3. Phillips Ranch, CA

4. Corona, CA

Four Places I Have Been

1. Hawaii

2. Chicago

3. New York

4. Honduras

Four Places I’d Rather Be

Disclaimer: I want to be wherever my family is, so they’d have to be with me

1. English Countryside

2. Paris

3. Disneyland

4. Home (which is cheating because I’m home right now)

Four Things I Don’t Eat

1. Red Meat

2. Sushi

3. Anything “diet” (artificial crap)

4. Tofu (which makes life interesting because I eat mostly vegetables, and tofu offers

so much protein for people like me. It’s also disgusting).

Four of My Favorite Foods

1. Chocolate (does this count?)

2. Potatoes

3. Soup (like, I could live on soup)

4. Veggies (especially zucchini, baby spinach, and cauliflower)

Four TV Shows That I Watch

1. Bewitched (I own all the DVDs. They make me happy).

2. Downton Abbey

3. The Vampire Diaries

4. Fixer Upper

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year

1. Big family vacation this summer (with my little family, my parents, and my favorite cousins)


3. Royal Wedding, by Meg Cabot (which I’ve already devoured, but I’m excited to buy a beautiful official copy)

4. Foo Fighters concert in September with some of my favorite people!

Four Things I’m Always Saying

1. I love you (to my husband and children)

2. No! (to my dog, Boo Radley)

3. Dinner’s ready (seriously, I feel like I run a restaurant)

4. What’s in that? (I’m an organic loving label-reading Nazi. I’m sure it’s annoying to everyone around)

Four People I’m Tagging

I can’t think of four people who haven’t done this.

1. Sandie @ Teen Lit Rocks

2. Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide

And that’s all I’ve got…

3 thoughts on “I Mustache You A Question

  1. love it! funny story, my oldest son is a very very eater, but loves miso soup. when he was younger and we’d go to eat sushi, he’d get miso soup but would always ask for extra “cheese” — which was actually tofu. he would devour it. to this day, he still thinks it’s cheese and will eat 2 bowls of soup in one sititng.

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