We YA Crushers believe that the English language is subjective, therefore we can—and do—make up words and sayings on a regular basis.  For those who are not totally in the know on how exactly our crazy works, here’s a helpful (and ever-growing) list of the crap that springs forth from our minds:

Babylicker (BL) – Taken from the greatest series ever, The Princess Diaries. Mia is way too protective of her baby brother, Rocky, therefore her BFF Lilly accuses her of being a BL.  It’s a reference to a story about a mama panda who loved on her baby panda so, so much that she …wait for it…licked off all the baby’s fur.  So she was literally a baby licker.

B@%$# Who Stole My Pads – This is pretty much stolen from a hysterical (to us) parody of the first Twilight movie preview.  It’s the only term one can use when describing a person who has done you a great, great unkindness.  So, like, for example: “After watching the first Twilight movie, Catherine Hardwicke is the b@%$#-who-stole-my-pads”.

Second 34 of this parody changed our lives forevah —

Brain Eyes – Not to be confused with “imagination”.  No, when you see something with your brain eyes it’s practically real, you’ve crossed the border into Crazytown where you visit these people you’ve seen with yo’ brain eyes.  You have coffee and chat with them in your head while you yourself are actually washing the dishes or putting away the groceries — oh dear, have I revealed too much?

Corn Hater – A classic term that was inspired by The Princess Diaries (love you Meg Cabot!!!).  That evil, villaneous mofo (spolier alert) JP—also known as the Guy Who Hates It When They Put Corn in the Chili— was almost the demise of Mia and Michael’s love, but first was introduced for the weirdo that he was when Mia talked about how she saw him picking out the corn from the cafeteria chili.  Corn hater then became the term used for any villain we hate.

Donneven- Sarah Dessen reference for “don’t even”.  As in, donneven even try to tell me you like Peeta better than Gale.

Feathers – Can also be “feathery”.  Just like “Seven”, “Sevehhhn”, “Sevehn-y” (scroll down to the “S”‘s and check out the great “Friends” clip!), it’s something swoony to the point of sexiness…derived from possible visuals one may have gathered from a moment in “Breaking Dawn” (book four in the Twilight book series) that’s quite…feathery.

I’m Gonna Be Siiiiiiiiiiiiick – Something really great or really bad has just happened to you or is about to happen to you.  Did you watch the Twilight parody above?  Then you know what I mean.

LABLame A$& Bastard.  Having the abbreviation is such a time saver.

MMFMOMD- Michael Moscovitz, Fake Man of My Dreams.  This really requires no explanation, does it?  He’s Michael of Princess Diaries fame, he’s perfection and, sadly, he’s not real.  Major sigh.

Moo – “It’s like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t count…it’s moo!”  “Moo” can be used as an exclamation that replaces the word “Duh” or to explain that something is obvious, ya dig?  Just ask Joey of Friends fame (Friends kinda rocks around Crazytown).  Example: “The fact that Mia of ‘If I Stay‘ is perfectly cast is a moo point.”  Thaz right.

MFEO – Best term ever, originates from the best romantic comedy EVER (according to Vee), Sleepless in Seattle.  So Annie (the  delightful Meg Ryan), gets this letter that was supposedly written by Sam (played by the affable Tom Hanks) but which was REALLY written by Sam’s son Jonah, and his little friend, Jessica, who is notorious for speaking in abbrev’s (see what I did there?).   Anyhoot – they write to Annie (i.e. Meg) and tell her to meet Sam at the top of the Empire State building on Valentine’s day to see if they are MFEO…and Annie figures out this stands for Made For Each Other, which tells you that she is MFEO since she can figure out Jessica’s crazy language (it’s what good moms and stepmoms can do, ya dig?).  This is a very popular term which Vee uses on a very frequent basis as this is what she and Tee call each other.  And can you believe tha those mofo’s at You Tube don’t have a clip of this moment in the movie?!?!  Guess what they are?  Thaz right – they are today’s b$%#@ who stole my pads.

Parcheesi- Not that snappy board game from when you were a kid.  Oh no.  This is another book reference (I know.  It’s almost as if we like books or something).  In the Samantha Madision series, All American Girl: Ready or Not, Sam’s boyfriend suggests they hang out and play Parcheesi.  She assumes it means they get it on, you know, because Parcheesi is so sexy, I guess. So in our world, Parcheesi = a roll in ze hay.

Self Actualized – The state of zen, inner peace, blah, blah, blah that one Mr. Carl Jung theorized one can reach and that one Mia Thermopolis, Princess of Genovia, continues to work towards, as do the rest of us at YA Crush.  Seriously, we do.

Seven (to be pronounced Sevehn or Sevehhhhhhhhn): A term that means something smoking sexy, worthy of an orgasmic reaction…derived from Monica Geller’s infamous schooling of Chandler on the erogenous zones.

Siriusly – NOT to be confused with seriously.  No, no.  When something isn’t just kind of sexy, it is siriusly sexy.  This was a made up word that came from Tee’s brain eyes seeing Sirius Black as a siriusly sevehn-y character when she read our beloved HP series.  She has a vivid imagination, that one.  See?  I used THREE of our crazy terms and you are now able to understand them.  You get gold stars for the day!

Smell You – Say wha?!?!?!  OK, well, here’s the story.  We have this wonderful buddy who consistently comes up with the most random of saying (which is probably why he’s our buddy) and uses it on a consistent basis.  Izzzz why we loves him.  So,”smell you” is the charmingly odorific term that can be used if you want to tell someone you “get what they’re saying” that you are “on the same page”.  How fun it is to tell someone near and dear to you that you’re on their same wavelength as them, except way funneeeeeeeeeerrrrrr.

Stink Eye – I know this sounds bad, I do, but a stink eye is actually a good thing, in a feathery kind of way.  It’s that look that a guy can give you which looks like something might not smell quite right, but actually means he digs you.  This should not be confused with the “evil eye”…which is kind of the whole reason the term was created.  It looks a little like the “evil eye” except with a little something extra, generally an extra tiny, almost imperceptible, flair of the nose and a “je ne sais quoi” (are you impressed with my multi-lingualism?!) that makes you know he’s about to ask, “Hey, how you doin’?”

You Look Like You Swallowed A Sock – Someone has had a bad day…comes from the ever adorable,  The Princess Diaries.  Vee loves this term SO much that Tee actually bought her a shirt with the phrase on it and she wears it just so people will ask her…what does that mean?  And then she can talk about it all over again.

29 thoughts on “Words

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  2. Thanks for the primer. I suppose this is the part where I say, “I smell ya.” ‘Cause I do! Love all the references and that parody is a freaking riot. You made my night. Nothing says Friday like giggling maniacally and watching old Friends clips. YAY Tee & Vee!!!

  3. I love these words – mainly because so many of them, I was around when they were created. Thank you ladies for giving me a giggle and making me miss some fun times with you all. 🙂

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  25. I totally smell you guys, so I just happened to come across this website and well, I LOVE it. I don’t have too many books conversations so I’m excited for this site. Most books store are closed down and I prefer real books. I LOVE real books and books store are closing down so its hard to browse for books so this helps (I’m still mourning how Borders closed.) And well, some of these abbreviations reminded me of a book I read. Or something I read in the book. EDAHE. Everyone deserves a happy ending. From an awesome book called, “Between the Lines,” by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer. I’m not recommending it, actually I am, but I’ll send you guys an email about it (and other books.) Also, I must say how much I adore Wes Baker from, “The Truth about Forever,” actually Sarah Dessen is an author favorite author of mine, and from the lists I’ve seen, a favorite character of yours. But come on, who could ever not love Wes? Its a totally moo.

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