Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine by Melissa De La Cruz

The Blue Bloods have powers beyond human comprehension: strength that defies logic, speed that cannot be captured on film, the ability to shape-shift, and more.  But in matters of the heart, no one, not even these immortal vampires, has total control.  In Bloody Valentine offers three tantalizing stories that delve deep into the love lives of the all-powerful vamps (and their Red Blood friends) from New York’s Upper East Side. Might a witchy new girl help cure Oliver’s broken heart?  How did Allegra fall in love with a human?  Will Schuyler and Jack finally be bonded?

Here’s the scoop:  In this sixth book in the Blue Bloods series, Melissa De La Cruz offers three short stories and an opportunity to dive into the lives of characters we may not know otherwise.  Warning: If you have not read any of the previous books 1) MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD 2) YOU WILL BE CRAZY CONFUSED.  3)GO READ THEM NOW!

First, is the story of Oliver, loyal best friend and former human familiar to Schuyler Van Alen. One month ago he sent Schuyler away with Jack Force (collective sigh) knowing that although she loved Oliver it could never compare to her love for Jack.  Though it tore him apart, he was certain it was the right thing.  Now he’s searching for a way to move on and believes he’s found it in an illegal home that promises to erase the traces of love left on those who’ve shared the Sacred Kiss with a vampire.  The process itself and the after-effects are a dangerous risk and could bring great shame to both he and his family, but he’s desperate to move on.

Then we’re taken back in time to 1985 where we meet a young, healthy Allegra Van Alen.  While her brother, Charles, is busy worshipping the ground she walks on (which is still creepytown, ala Jack and Mimi) Allegra is drawn to a boy—a handsome human boy.  Even though it may cost her (and we know it does), she’s willing to take the risk of forsaking Charles and opening herself to this new love.

And finally, the story that matters most (not that the previous two aren’t good, because they really are): Jack.  Or, Jack and Schuyler, actually.  Those crazy lovebirds are still in Florence spending lazy days being chasing by deadly venators in between their sexy smooching sessions.  In truth, life has not been easy for these two.  They have been in constant danger but they’ve decided that whatever fate awaits them, either with the venators or back home in New York, they want to be bonded.  They need to be bonded.  Thus, the proceed to plan it, but not without a few life-threatening roadblocks.   

This book is short and sweet.  While I enjoyed the story of Oliver and relished the opportunity to learn more about Allegra,  for me, everything rested on the portion that was told from Schuyler’s point of view.  It is romantic and well-plotted and everything Blue Bloods fans have been waiting for.  EVREEEETHING.

Crush Intensity: 4/5 It’s strictly for the fans, but there’s no way not to love this (unless you’re Mimi Force).

The seventh and final book, Lost in Time,  is due in the Fall of 2012.  There is a sneak peek of it on the Blue Bloods Facebook page!