Fangirl Five- April 20th

Fangirl Five is hosted by my girl Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl (check out her blog. She’s pretty awesome).

Here’s what’s on my brain this week:

1.  When You Were Mine by Rebecca SerleOkay, so the review of this book is coming.  I actually read it last week but my heart is still pitter pattering over the whole thing.  I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK.  And yes, I have a thing for Romeo and Juliet (this is a retelling from Rosaline’s perspective. Who is Rosaline, you ask?  Only the girl Romeo loved before Juliet. And this book is told from her perspective. Yowzas!).  That’s all I’ll say for now, except this: READ IT!! It comes out May1st.

2. The Vampire Diaries is back. Oh hells yes.  And yeah, I realize it was on last night. Those of you who frequent this blog regularly know that I record it and watch it on Friday mornings. I’m probably watching it right this very minute!  All I know is that I love Damen and Elena needs to get on that (I mean kiss him, um, obviously. What did you think I meant?).

3. Prom- Prom, like the actual dance, is awesome.  And It’s totally prom season; that season when boys go out of their way to find creative ways to ask girls to get all dolled up and go to what is probably the most awkward, over-hyped event of the year (but that is what makes it SO FREAKING GREAT). The other day, on the way home from an errand, I saw a huge yard sign (more like a banner) in someone’s yard, that said “Natalie, Prom?”  I’m going to assume that said Prom Asker ran out of paint  since his note was a little stilted, but still…the message was clear: I needed to rent the movie, Prom.   I mean, I never saw it when it was in the theater. My husband didn’t want to go (I know!. How could he NOT want to see this?).

So I rented it.  More on that later.

4. Starters by Lissa Price-

I finally got my hands on this book (thanks to my pals at Gone Pecan).  It’s like The Twilight Zone, which is never, ever a bad thing.

Happy Friday!

Fangirl Five- March 30

Fangirl Five is hosted by Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl.

Here’s what I’m stoked about this week:

1. This piece of awesome sent to me by Dixie @ Gone Pecan

I can’t help it. I love this picture. I mean it’s Peeta and Cinna.  And more important, it’s Lenny.

2. The CW Pilot for Selection- I have no clue when this show will be on. I haven’t even read the book yet (I can’t wait to), but I am already crazypants in love with the casting.  Ethan Peck (as in Gregory Peck, as in Atticus Finch and as in hey, he was totally adorbs in that short-lived TV version of 10 Things I Hate About You) is the prince.  I like this because in my opinion, princes should always be dark-haired and handsome.  It’s a rule I have. But then, holy smokes, William Moseley (as in Peter the Magnificent from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) is another love interest. And yeah, the girl, Aimee Teegarden is totally adorable too. Even better, it’s being written by the people who give us the awesome known as The Vampire Diaries.

3. The Positive Side Effects of The Hunger Games movie- We all know that the movie was great and that we’re super crazed to see what they do with Catching Fire (my favorite in the series).  It’s been interesting this week to read the tons and tons of articles buzzing about new YA book to film adaptations.  It’s like all the horrors of Twilight (or at least some of them) are being swept away because The Hunger Games is reminding people that great books can cross genre lines and reach fans of all ages and even better, when they’re turned into films and done well (cough Catherine Hardwicke, cough cough) they can be a phenomenon deserving of the all the hype and the fanfare. This is good for us fellow YA lovers! In fact, it’s awesome.

4. The trailer for Insurgent is out! Eeeeee! And USA Today has it along with a great interview with Veronica Roth. Check it.

That’s all for now.  My kiddos are on Spring Break and we are on the move (but I’m still squeezing in some good reads).

Have a great weekend!

Fangirl Five- March 23

Fangirl Five is hosted by Evil Eva over at Nancy Drew is my Homegirl.

This will simultaneously be the most boring Fangirl Five I’ve done because you know I’m going to talk about The Hunger Games movie and at the same time it is going to be the most spazzworthy Fangirl Five I’ve ever done because

OMG, you guys, THE HUNGER

GAMES movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s really no point in talking about anything else. I mean, sure I’m excited about Mad Men (Oh Don, you naughty man, it’s been way too long). And yes, I am super-psyched about the awesome Alaric-is-a-crazypants storyline going down on The Vampire Diaries.  I’m totally excited that Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman is waiting for me at the library ( it’s a P&P retelling, so clearly I’ll love it) and that I just bought this really cute pillow.

But really, is there anything more exciting than knowing that The Hunger Games movie is coming out today? That some of you big cheaters already saw it last night (sorry, I’m just way jealous because there’s no way I could watch a movie that late and enjoy it. I’m too old).  AND that it has crazy good buzz?

I think not. And yeah, I’m a serious nerd, but whatevs.  Me and all the other nerds (I’m assuming you too) will be there on the edge of our seats getting excited, over-analyzing it and eating up the awesomeness of Cinna and his gold eyeliner.

There’s really only one word I can say to that:


Fangirl Five- March 9

Fangirl Five (which I somehow always call Fangirl Friday, I guess because I get really excited about Fridays) is hosted by Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl.

Let’s talk about the things I’m finding pretty spazzworthy this week:

1. On Saturday, my new issue of Entertainment Weekly came and it was bursting with Hunger Games-y goodness.  Even my husband and daughter wanted to read it.  (What were they thinking? It’s MINE).

2. Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness- I’m only about of a third of the way into third and final (sniff sniff) novel in the Chaos Walking trilogy, but it is excellent. I fear for my little Viola and Todd, especially because the other two books didn’t exactly have happy endings, and because Ness never shies away from killing off characters I’m attached to—but I love it.  If you have not read this awesomesauce trilogy, do yourself a favor and pick up the first book, The Knife of Never Letting Go.  Trust me.

3. Madmen trailers- Hello, it’s been over a year since we’ve heard from that good guy/bad guy/not so sure guy Don Draper (whom I love. He wears hats).  I need to know the scoop. I think all of the scenes in this clip are from last season, but I don’t even care. That’s how desperate I am for the return of this show.

4. The Muppets spoof The Hunger Games- This just makes me smile in every way possible.

5. Cinna- I normally try so hard to avoid clips from films I’m dying to see (other than trailers).  But I had to watch this clip. Had. To.  I mean, it’s The Hunger Games, it’s Cinna, AND it’s Lenny Kravitz.  That’s like the perfect storm of cool.


Happy Friday Everyone!