Fangirl Friday- February 10

Fangirl Friday is a feature hosted by one of my favorite blogs, Nancy Drew is My Homegirl.This is where we talk up the five things that are freaking us out (in a good way) this week.

1. The New Hunger Games Trailer– Alright, so I’m a week late here. But you guys, Cinna! The Mockingjay Pin! The Shush. I love it and am super psyched about this movie.

2.Husband and Children Fangirls–  Speaking of being excited about The Hunger Games movie, after a couple of years of me spazzing over this series, the hysteria has taken over our household (well, except for my six-year old, who is very content with her Magic Treehouse books thankyouverymuch). As I’ve mentioned before, my husband recently read and loved The Hunger Games (and then proceeded to call one of his guys to try to explain the premise to him. Totally hilarious in every way possible) and has now organized a group of us to go see the movie (I know. I was like, um, Vee and I were already going, but I guess you guys can come to).  Now my ten-year old just finished it and loved it. This was hard for me because I’m protective about what I expose the kids to, but after I re-read it recently, the hubs and I were convinced that she could handle it.  Now my daughter and I get to talk about this series! This is pure awesome to me.

3. Valentine’s Day– I don’t care what anyone thinks or says, I love this schmoopy holiday. Give me anything pink, red or covered in hearts, of give me a dorky card that says “Valentine, You Rock” and I’m giddy. In our family, we don’t go out for some crazy romantical night. We do what my husband and I have done since we began dating. We make sugar cookies (homemade Martha Stewart sugar cookies are the best) and royal icing and write goofy notes on them for each other. It’s pretty fun and the kiddos love it.

Martha Stewart's Conversation Heart Cookies. Ours look nothing like this.

4.  Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta– This is a sequel to Finnikin of the Rock. And it’s waiting for me on Net Galley. It’s being oh so patient as I work my way through some other wonderful books that I’ve committed to reading, but I know it’s there and I know I’ll love it.

5. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls- This is the book chosen by my book club this month and although I’d read it years ago, I’d forgotten how good it was.  I’m so happy to be diving in again.

Fangirl Friday-January 27

Fangirl Friday is hosted by my friend Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is my Homegirl (just listen to that name. You wish you’d thought of it too, right?). It’s all about us picking the latest things we’re having a spazz about.  This is a good thing in my book.

1. Finnikin of the Mother Cussing Rock- Um, so the title is actually Finnikin of the Rock and it’s by Melina Marchetta (see AWESOME in the dictionary). This is one that I’d never gotten around to reading. I have no idea why since I love her books. But lo and behold, my friend Sandie at Teen Lit Rocks told me I had to read it, so guess what? I did and whoa. I’m not sure why I’m surprised to love it so much but seriously, omgiloveitsomuch!

2. 30 Rock- Hello, what year is this? I know. This show has been on for ages, but I don’t watch alot of television. You know, with parenting, reading, blogging, hanging out with my incredibly adorable husband (despite the fact that he makes me watch terrible things like Ancient Aliens, he is quite cute), I don’t have many shows I’m into. Recently, the hubs and I decided to download the first season of 30 Rock since, in the past, we’ve only watched an episode or two and guys, I don’t have to tell you this but, really, it’s pure awesome. Is there anything Tina Fey can’t do? I think not.

3. Girl Scout Cookies- Both of my kids are Girl Scouts and this weekend we officially start selling cookies.  This is both good and bad for me. It’s bad because a) it’s alot of work and b) I eat a ton and it’s good because a) my kids enjoy it and b)  I eat a ton. Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

4. Fred Astaire- My husband and kids and I have Family Movie Night every weekend. We take turns picking a movie and watching it in our pajamas while eating popcorn and a special dessert.  Our children usually bring hordes of stuffed animals and Pillow Pets to “watch” with us so that there’s barely room for actual humans to sit on the sofa.  And my youngest child almost always chooses a Barbie movie, while my hubs tries to get the kids into Star Wars, Jurassic Park and any superhero movies. My oldest daughter and I try to bounce between old movies, cartoons and Disney movies.  Last week she chose Holiday Inn, and I still have this scene/song in my head. I’d forgotten how much I love Fred Astaire.

5. Ryan Gosling Reads Young Adult– Because it’s still not old to me. I love this blog. Here’s one of my recent favs.

6. The YA Love Spreads-  Oh yes. I have a sixth thing to spazz over.  This week my friend Dana borrowed not one, but two amazing books from me.  But wait until you hear what they are because then you’ll understand why I’m so psyched: The Sky Is Everywhere (my favorite book last year) and I’ll Be There (my other favorite book last year). The whole thing makes me want to squee because I love knowing that someone is about to experience an amazing book. And, obviously, I love being able to chat about said books once my friends have read them.   I told her I’d try to resist texting her everyday to ask what page she’s on.  We’ll see how that works out for me.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Fangirl Friday- January 20

Fangirl Friday is a feature hosted by the one and only Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl.  It’s where we basically get to blab about the latest thing we’re spazzing over. This is a good thing because I spazz alot.

1. A Million Suns by Beth Revis– Oh it’s here. It’s sitting my hot little hands (actually, my hands are always ice-cold, but you get the idea).  And the cover is so beautiful.  Unfortunately, I have a mega ton of books I must read first. This is good, of course, but bad, because I loved Across the Universe and all its crazy weirdness. I’m totally dying to see what happens in the sequel.

2. Alright, those of you who are friends with me on Facebook already know this but my husband really likes Lionel Richie. I know. I know. Don’t judge. And for Christmas I got him Lionel Richie: The Definitive Collection (on CD ’cause that’s how we roll. We like actual cover art and stuff).  Since then, my husband has walked around singing “Hello” pretty much constantly.  If it weren’t so hilarious it would be annoying.  So, imagine how hard he and I laughed when we saw this video:

3. I’m in a book club and we had our very first meeting this week.  I haven’t been in a book club in at least eight years so this is big for me, mostly because unless I’m going on a date with my husband or doing something family oriented, I pretty much never leave the house. I mean, sure I volunteer at the school and I go to Target and the library, but I never hang out with other adults. Especially ones who like books.  Also, our first book was The Hunger Games, which I had to re-read and I think you all know how I feel about that.


4. Because of said book club, I was digging through my closet and was reminded of this piece of awesome that my husband so lovingly had made for me at Christmas (or, he lovingly ordered it. The person who actually made it probably doesn’t love me).

How cute is that?

I think that’s all for now.  Apparently I’m so psyched about all this jazz that I just don’t have room to spazz about anything else.

Happy Friday everyone!

Fangirl Friday-December 16

Fangirl Friday is a feature hosted by my pal Evil Eva over at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl. Basically, we talk about the things we think are awesomely exciting.  The problem this week is that we’ve had half the household, including me, under the weather this week, so really all that I find super exciting right now is sleep (and maybe a warm blanket).  Here are a couple of things that have made me feel better though:

1. Saving June by Hannah Harrington– You guys, I just finished this book on Thursday and I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it. The subject matter seems like a major downer, but it’s well written and sweet. There will be a review to come but you should check it out.

2. Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare– Has this been on every single one of my Fangirl Fridays? Probably. It finally arrived and I started it.  All I can say is holy. Freaking. Cow. Page 204 (Am I right Dixie? Oh yes).  It’s really good.

3. Young Adult– It’s Christmas vacation for my entire family (the hubby is a teacher so he has two weeks off, the kiddos are kiddos so they have three weeks off. Yea!) and at some point we will be going to the movies. I have to see Young Adult. I mean, not with my kids, of course, but me and the hubs.  I’ll totally have a love/hate relationship with Charlize Theron’s character, which is awesome.  I can’t wait.

That’s all for now!

Fangirl Friday- December 9

by Tee

Fangirl Friday is hosted by Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is my Homegirl.  Here’s what’s freaking my freak this week:

1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation– Of course there are the standards like A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and It’s a Wonderful Life, but a this movie is a true gem. It’s just not Christmas without it.

2. Love, Actually-It doesn’t have to be Christmas for me to watch this movie, but for some reason I really love watching it while I wrap presents. I think this is the weekend.

3. Clockwork Prince– I’ve mentioned this one before, I know, but my copy HASN’T FREAKING ARRIVED YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The agony!

4. Chocolate Caramel Dipped Pretzel with Cashews– I get this every single time I go to Disneyland (along with about ten thousand other varieties of junk food because Disneyland is not about rides. It’s about food). I will be there this weekend, stuffing my face.

5. Hogwarts- Y’all, Universal Studios just dropped da bomb on Tuesday that they are opening a Harry Potter attraction in their Hollywood park. This is HUGE news to us West Coast Muggles because hello, we’re nerds.  Also, as Vee so eloquently put it as we were spazzing out about this announcement, “In yo face Florida.” (Um, nothing against Florida or anything but now we can grab a butterbeer anytime we want to. I mean, sometime in 2014 but whatever).