Fangirl Friday!

Fangirl Friday is a new feature we’re participating in, hosted by Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl (I know. Don’t you love that name?).  Basically, we get to talk about the five things we’re freaking out about at present. Now, since fangirling is something we do almost as frequently as we blink, this seemed like a perfect fit for us.   So without further ado, here’s what we’re spazzing about this week.

1. The Hunger Games Trailer– I mean, well, obviously.  That trailer was so excellent I almost don’t need to see the actual film. That’s how satisfied I was. I almost lit a ciggy afterward.  Yes, there’s Gale, whom I refuse to discuss and then there’s Haymitch’s hair, about which I don’t even know what to say…but the rest was amazing.  I think Lenny Kravitz is going to nail Cinna and Elizabeth Bank looks fantastic as Effie (but we already knew that).

2. The Hunger Games Nail Polish Line– I know it’s awfully girly of me, but I’m so psyched about this. I realize that it’s a ridiculous tie-in since Katniss was way more worried about starving or, you know, being skewered, to have any concern over the state of her nails, but come February 2012, when China Glaze releases this line, I am locking down a bottle of We Could Runaway, a bottle of Catnip,  and a bottle of Flaming Gems (among others).

3. The Vampire Diaries– Really CW?  You had to show me an awesome episode where Bad Stefan showed some good (but not enough to make him Good Stefan and therefore, not enough to make him annoy me) and saved his brother AND did evil vengeful stuff to Klaus?  And now I have that I’m a week behind on this, but I just watched the mid-season finale this morning.  So sue me and then check out the preview for January.

4. Five Guys– I’m not much of a red meat-eater, but I have these mini dates with my husband all the time where we squeeze in a burger at Five Guys. It’s pure heaven.  It actually makes me feel like  somewhat of a traitor being that I’m a Southern California girl where it is virtually a requirement that everyone love In-N-Out (and I do In-n-Out! I really love you too). Sometimes I even feel guilty when I go to Five Guys, but, you know, not guilty enough to wave off a cheeseburger.  On Saturday my husband and I have a date to do some Christmas shopping, but there will be no fancy schmancy dinner for us. Heck no. We’re both dying to get back to Five Guys.  I can’t wait to stuff my face.

5. Breaking Dawn Part 1–  I’m putting this on here in honor of Vee.  As much as I make fun of the Twilight movies, I always enjoy the experience because Vee takes it to the next level of crazy.  Girlfriend LOVES the experience.  She coordinates her clothing with some theme linked to the book/film we’re seeing.  It’s a feast of nuttiness.  I love it.  We’re actually not even seeing the movie together this year, but I can’t wait to watch it and discuss it with her because she always makes me love it more.  Admittedly, the first film was horrible, but they’ve gotten progressively better each time, aside from the fact that Edward always looks constipated and unhappy (wouldn’t you be?) and Bella has that whole hair flipping/lip-biting/heavy blinking thing going on.  And despite the fact that I felt that Meyers could have cut a lot out of Breaking Dawn, it had something I loved: the wedding and the honeymoon. I’m totally looking forward to seeing these on film.