An Ode to Dessen’s Dudes

By Vee (with a tidbit from Tee, since Vee stole Tee’s two fav Dessen guys)

For the love of all that is good and holy, I heart Dessen Week.  I’d like to thank the Universe for one Ms. Sarah Dessen.  Because without Sarah – we’re on a first basis she and I – I wouldn’t be able to write an article  about Dessen’s boys, and really, what would I do then?  Write about The Hunger Games casting?  Well yea, but, then what would I do the rest of the month?  Come on now.

My favorite Dessen boys are artistic (so they’re sensitive and shizz), laid back, sure of who they are.  A perfect contrast to the more high-strung heroine who is generally struggling with issues like self-confidence, self-worth and self-doubt.  It’s good times to be a Dessen boy.  And to date one too.  They are fo sho deep thinkers, and pretty dang funny, in a clever way only a smart guy can be.

Our Fav Dessen Boys…

Wes from The Truth About Forever– Oh, hummuna, hummuna.  Wes, darling Wes.  Wes is like, the Dessen pinnacle of perfection, by which all other Dessen boys will forever be measured, and, as much as I love me some Dexter, Wes is IT.  He is serenity, he is cool, calm, and collected.  In the midst of the chaos of the catering world he and Macy work in, he seems to walk into a room and everything goes still.  Like in slo’ mo’.  Because he’s suffered enough and lived through enough that he pretty much can see that little problems like wine getting spilled on a fancy pants white carpets ain’t no thing but a chickan wing.  And um, he is also pectorally gifted (in my head).  He puts the SAH- in SAH-woooon!!!!

Dexter from This Lullaby– Dextaaaaaahhhhh!  If I saw him walking down the street in Crazytown, that’s exactly how I would say hi to him.  I love me some Dexter.  He appears to be just fun, and carefree, and you gotta love him despite his apparent inability to tie his shoelaces.  For all the smoldery-ness of Wes, Dexter is the comic relief.  He could talk his way out of Hades, if he needed to.  Though he is softer in the chestal area, and doesn’t seem to have a stink eye in him, he is still totally charming and utterly fun to kick it with at the 7-11 while you sip on a Slurpee.  And then, just when you think you have Dex all figured out, he goes and slaps out some major insight into why  you’re so messed up and afraid of love, and you’re all, whoa.  True story.  OK, maybe not true story, but definitely an awesome YA story!

Owen from Just Listen Oh Owen, you look like you’d be this mass of tough guy but really you’re just a kind-hearted  softie just waiting for the right girl.  You lay your cards on the table, let the chips fall where they may and go with what your gut tells you.  Plus, dude, you’re a DJ music man, always walking around with your iPod (ready and willing to share your awesome music insight with the world around you).  I’m gonna be honest.  Dessen had me at iPod.  I love guys who love music (real music, not obnoxious rappy stuff). Also, being tall, studly, dark-haired and pretty hot never hurts.  (Tee)

Honorable Mention:

Bert from The Truth About ForeverWhoa, hold on. I know he’s a gigantor dorkhead. I know he’s crazy obsessed with Armageddon and aliens and goodness knows what else.  I know he can barely put together an acceptable outfit without Kristy’s help.  I know he calls his car the Bertmobile, but for the love of everything holy, can we get Bert some action?  These are all reasons to love him! (Tee)

Ack, good one!  Donneven tell me there is anyone out there who doesn’t love Bert.  I am sure there’s a girl out there in fictional-book-world at an Area 54 Convention who thinks Bert is awesome sauce.  That is one perfect honorable mention.  Shazaam.  (Love, Vee)