Fangirl Friday- March 2

Fangirl Friday is hosted by my awesome pal Evil Eva over at Nancy Drew is My Homegirl. It’s where we spazz over our latest obsessions.

1. Man or a Muppet- You guys, how adorable is it that this song won an Oscar?  I loved this movie (and all of the songs) and I loved the acceptance speech because…accent alert… I didn’t realize that Brett McKenzie was from New Zealand.

2. Spreading the Adam Love-So it’s no secret that I love Adam from If I Stay/Where She Went.  He is totally and completely swoonworthy on every level.  This week I got my friend Tammy (this is a different Tammy from the one I mentioned last week. I surround myself with Tammies) finally got a chance to read WSW and her reaction was stellar.  I mean, she loved it OF COURSE.  But when I walked over to her car in the school parking lot the other day, she was in the middle of reading it. She didn’t say hello or anything. She got out of the car and said...SPOILER ALERT. CLOSE YOUR EYES IF YOU HAVE NOT READ IT…”SHE.  HAS . HIS.  GUITAR. OMG.”  I was like, I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea for spreading the Adam love!

3.  Did you realize that it’s March?  March means The Hunger Games. It’s almost here.

Just. Sayin.

4.  The Princess Diaries– I don’t think it should matter that I’ve read this book so many times I can possibly recite it.  Or that I have a ginromous stack of books on my nightstand. Books I haven’t actually read. I still decided to read it the other day. Why? Because what could be better than seeing Michael tease Mia about her postnuclear Armageddon  life mate choice of Josh Richter (bad choice Mia!) or  reading about all of those moments when Michael is tutoring Mia in Algebra and their knees sort of brush together? Or course, all she’s busy doing is freaking out about her breast size (I hear ya, girl) and about how bad it sucks that she’s a princess–but she comes to her senses eventually.  Those books never get old for me.

Look out War and Peace cos this shizz is epic

5. Romeo & Juliet- The Baz  Luhrmann version.  I was thinking about the fact that Luhrmann is doing The Great Gatsby (holy crap I love that book) right now with Leonardo DiCaprio and that got me thinking about how much I loved his version of Romeo and Juliet. Of course I love the Franco Zeffirelli version too.

Oh my goodness. Aren't they beautiful?

But for some reason, the BL one spoke to me a little more. I loved the casting and the music and the imagery.  It was perfect.  I’ve been listening to the soundtrack alot lately and I’m primed to watch it today while everyone is at school (since there is no episodes of The Vampire Diaries until March. What. The. Heck?)

And can I get a sigh for Leonardo DiCaprio? I’m so 90’s.

Talk Nerdy to Me

I have a soft spot for the nerds of the world.  I’m not just talking save-the-world-with-a-robotic-arm-thingie-so-that-I-can-prove-I’m-worthy-of-you nerds, I’m talking quirky people. They warm my heart. Maybe that’s because I’m a mega-geek (anyone who spends time blogging about any subject, especially about a subject they get teased about, like me, must embrace their nerd status).

Oh yes. Glasses. I love glasses.

When I met my husband, he was equal parts Mr. Nerd and Secret Partying Guy. I loved all of him, but was so drawn to the Mr. Nerd side.  The Secret Partying Guy made me nervous, but the Mr. Nerd who wanted to talk about old movies and The Beatles and who’d write me poetry—he blew my mind and totally stole my heart.  And the Secret Partying Guy was cool and fun and everyone liked him, but I loved the guy who was practically a genius even more. You know why? Because smart guys are hot.

Also, I’ve always found nerds to be so much sweeter than your stereotypical popular guy. Maybe it’s because cool is so far out of reach for nerds that they don’t even bother. They just treat everyone the same. They’re nice. And nice is good.

And think about it.  Neville Longbottom was a serious nerd.  Remember?

Oh Neville, you adorably dorky kid. We loved you back then too.

But then he killed Nagini and look what happened to him:

I'm just sayin.

Of course, everyone who’s read the Harry Potter books knows that Neville was an awesomely sweet, devoted friend to Harry long before he kicked serious Voldemort butt in the last book, but if he wants to put on a tux and look like a bad ass, more power to him.

Take, for example, a couple of my favorite nerds:

1. Michael Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries– Michael certainly ends up with the last laugh. His hotness is compared to that of Christian Bale’s, he’s a gabillionaire (or, you know, maybe just a millionaire), and he gets the girl.  But he was hot way before all of that stuff ever happened. You guys, he created a computer program just to tell Mia how he felt about her.  And he never shied away from laying it all on the table and just saying, “Yeah, you’re the one.” And he saw that Mia was a spazz, but he was totally into her anyway.  Also, he had a thing for Star Wars (which makes him both nerdy and cool).  And he created an online magazine where he talked about computer stuff!  Holy crap, do you realize how smart he was? And the dark hair, dark eyes thing doesn’t hurt either.

2. Cricket Bell from Lola and The Boy Next Door If anyone were ever quirky, it’s Cricket.  He sort of fumbles around because he’s shy and he’s a bit awkward with girls (because he’s s huge dork), but he’s led by this wonderfully intense passion for a few things: first, his love of science, which inspires him to create all sorts of amazing gadgets. Second, his love of his family, which takes him away often, but shows that he has the heart of someone giving. And finally, his love of Lola. And he’s pretty open about that.  He makes sure that she knows how he feels now that he’s home. I mean, as a boy he invented a working elevator for Lola’s Barbies.  They don’t get more adorable than that.

3. David from The All American Girl series- This one is simple. David is obviously smart, he cares about the world around him being that his dad is President and all, and he obviously digs Sam, his girlfriend. And he’s artistic. AND he has no idea that when Sam says she wants to play Parcheesi, she actually means that she wants to do something entirely different (which really shows Sam to be a huge dork, but that’s OK too).

So ladies, any nerds—boy or girl—who are close to your heart?