TGIF- Supporting Characters

TGIF is hosted by Ginger at GReads.

This week’s question is: Who are you favorite supporting characters?  Seriously, we could be here all day. Best friends sometimes make the story for me.  Think of Hermione and Ron (Harry Potter), or Bert and Kristy and Monica (donneven) from The Truth About Forever? Or all of Frankie’s buddies in Saving Francesca? I love all of them!

For me, I think my favorite will always be Tina Hakim Baba from The Princess Diaries series.  Tina knows where it’s at.  She loves Mia and encourages her–even when Mia does stupid things like the sexy dance– and she always helps her makes sense out of all the crazy.  I know that Lilly is supposed to be Mia’s BFF, but Tina is far more loyal and non-judgemental. Also, hello, she takes much of her advice from romance novels! You don’t get much brainier than that.  I’ve found it interesting over the years to reread the books and realize that if you play close attention, Tina is usually right about every assumption she makes. I want her for my bestie.

You guys, I thought this picture was hilarious. Do you remember this scene from Princess in Love? Mia is trying to buy a secret admirer card for Michael so that she can once and for all let him know how she feels about him (secretly):

Actually, Ho’s didn’t really have what I wanted.  I wanted a card that was blank inside, with a picture on the front that was sophisticated but not too sexy. But the only blank cards they has a Ho’s (that weren’t plastered with pictures of kittens) were ones with photos of fruit being dipped into chocolate sauce.

I tried to choose a non-phallic fruit, but even the strawberry I got is kind of sexier that I would have liked. I don’t know what’s sexy about fruit with chocolate sauce dripping off it, but Tina was like, “Whoa,” when she saw it.


Cracks me up every time. Happy Friday!