Vee’s List

by Vee

These are in no particular order, or so I claim:

Piper – I will start with my newest resident sistah friend.  Piper comes to you from The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan.  If you haven’t read it yet, what the Hades are you waiting for?  Well, it must be that you’re needing to read my review for it, totally understand. (it’s coming, it’s COMING!!!).  Piper is a 16 year old girl, totally a looker but who has all the confidence issues we all dealt with at the time.  She has, in the past, tended to duck whenever a situation arises when she has to stick up for herself.  She has always made it a point to cut her own hair with kid safety scissors, wear army jackets and tried not to bring attention to herself all around.  And then, hold on to your togas, she discovers she’s the daughter of Aphrodite.  Well, she’s all about what’s on the inside (or so she claims and yet is all in love with the fuh-huh-hine looking Jason).  When your mama is QUEEN of beauty herself, you’re not going to escape wearing the ratty old outfits your rebelious self used to.  And yet Piper learns to embrace her beauty, both inside and out, shows us she is a tough cookie, a good friend and a sweet, tremendously loving daughter.   I would totally hang out with her in the lunch room, before and after her mama made her hair all fabu (no more insta-haircuts for her).

Alice Cullen –  I think she’s a good time.  Alice Cullen, of the Twilight series, is one of the best friends a girl could ask for.  She plans fabu parties, she knows when somethin’ crusty is about to happen to you with her visions of the future and all AND she has FANTASTIC fashion sense.  She’ll even go to the ends of the earth for you to save you and your vampire family from being decimated by the Volturi.  Hulloh?  I would totally go shopping for shoes with her.

Becki Bloomwood – Speaking of shoe shopping…included in the list of people I just might go shopping with: Miss Bloomwood of the Shopaholics series.  She sports a fun and adorable English accent (she’d say things like, “Right, so, let’s join the cue and grab tea and a scone, shall we?”), a penchant for shopping that can’t be beat, and a very Lucy Ricardo way of handling life’s problems.  (Am I biased on this front, on account of the fact that my husband constantly calls out: “Luuuuuccccyyy!!!”  Hmmm…maybe.)  Oh, and a ton of passion…a joie de vivre that is exactly how I try to live my life.  I mean is it a wonder she landed Luke Brandon (the finest man in fictional London), she’s wonderful.  How could he not fall for her darling, hair brained ways?  Totally dig her. 

Frankie Landau Banks – Listen, every group of friends needs a bad ass, and if I have to pick a bad ass, it would be fabu Frankie.  She is SOOOOOOOO a bad ass…she knows, even for one so young, that life isn’t what they tell you it is, but what you WANT it to be.  One big “Yay!” for girl power with Frankie!!!!!!!!

Macy-Kristy-Monica of “The Truth About Forever – This is a three-for-one special.  Listen, if you haven’t read this book RUN to the bookstore — RUUUUUUUUUN – and get it.  I love it and one of the reason me (and my MFEO) love it so:  it’s these three young ladies who are great GF’s as a team.  Macy reminds me of me at a young age, in all my insecurities, Kristy because she tells it like it is, and Monica because in essentially three words, she is the wisest of them all.  Donneven question it, just run to the bookstore so you too can find out what th heck I am talking about.

Mia – I’ve saved the best for second to last (the last spot is reserved for my ORIGINAL heroine and GF).  Lez talk about my darling, totally spazzy Mia.  She makes you cringe and laugh all at the same time.  Her inability to handle boy attention (word up sistah, I smell you), her spazzy breakdowns, her trips and falls (as a fellow accident prone reject-of-nature, I feel her pain…literally…almost everyday…ok, no, yea, it’s everyday…) make me love her as though she was a long lost sistah.  Then there’s those “aha” moments when she gets it together and shines the way we knew she could…did I mention I love her?  How fun to hang out with Ms. Cabot’s best fictional character EVER!  Smart girl, growing into herself, and turning into a real life princess before our very eyes.  And not just that, but she knows where to get the best Chinese food in town.  Um, and a little shot out to the best friend in the shadows (cuz Lilly took that title and ran with it even though she didn’t deserve it, sorry but she didn’t)…Tina.  You my girl too!  And if you must ask, which I know you DON’T, this is Mia of “The Princess Diaries”…moo!

Jane Eyre – The original gangsta.  She was a YA heroine when the term “YA” didn’t even exist, fo sho.  Look, all I know is that  I was 11 years old when I read this book and it was the first time that I’d picked up a book that I COULD NOT put down.  The first time that I felt a book calling to me from across the room.  I ate it up and then started right back on page one as soon as I finished it, I wanted to talk about it with my friends, and when I couldn’t do that I was thinking about it.  Jane did what she had to do and kicked some ass while she did it…with an English accent and Victorian manners, but nonetheless dear friends, did it she did.

12 thoughts on “Vee’s List

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  2. I totally agree with all your picks (except I need to pick up The Lost Hero now) but Becki Bloomwood. I could not sympathize with her at all, I just kept going, STOP SPENDING MONEY! But the rest of your choices are awesome and Jane Eyre is def. the original!

    • Jennifer, I usually love Becky Bloomwood but I just read the most recent book (Minishopaholic) and I totally get what you’re saying. I was thinking: okay, you’ve overspent, you’re lying to your husband, you’ve made up some awful story that you’ve told to your parents and their neighbors and in between you’re having tiny spats with your BFF. It seems familiar. Where have I heard this before? And Becky, have you learned NOTHING from the past 5 books? The only reason I was compelled to finish the latest one in the series was because of Luke Brandon. That man charms the pants off me every time.

  3. i agree w/ alice (my favorite character in the series, for REALS), plus mia & tina from PD. the other books i have not read yet. i love rick riordan, so i’ll be reading the new series when all the books are out. i just have to add anne shirley (my original bosom buddy) and rachel from Something Borrowed. i also have a soft spot for lizzie from queen of babble and i’m in the middle of reading the blue bloods, so schuyler is climbing the list.

    • Daphne, I love Lizzie from Queen of Babble! It should probably be a given that all Meg Cabot heroines are freaking awesome, including the most loyal friend of all Tina Hakim Baba (as a sidenote, I always tell Vee she’s my Tina). I do have a confession: I have never ever read Anne of Green Gables. For shame! I know. I’ll get on that.

      • you NEED to read anne of green gables & anne of avonlea (that’s as far as i’ve gotten in the book series) or at the very least, watch the AMAZING movies starring megan follows (there are four). i guarantee you will add Anne to your list of girlfriends & very well might add Gilbert to your list of boyfriends. RUN!

      • You are, like the twentieth person in the last two weeks to tell me how awesome those books are. I’m putting them on my To Read list! Doesn’t Gilbert pull her braids in school when they’re younger? I love romances like that (not when they pull your hair, but when they realize that the person they’ve been friends with forever is the one).

    • Sorry friends, little behind on my replies but I have got to pick up the Queen of Babble…haven’t read it yet. Gasp…I know! Who know, perhaps I’ve got a new GF in store! Daphne, you and I seem on the same wavelength so, chances are, I’ll love it! 🙂

  4. yes, those are my favorite types, too. when one of the characters has harbored a secret crush on the other for eons, they’re friends first…sigh.

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