Feel a deep longing to dish about your favorite YA crush, author, or book (We sooooo understand?  I mean, hello. We blog just so we can ponder the swoonworthiness of Michael Moscovitz and Jonah effing Griggs).  Want to talk about the great debate that is Peeta vs. Gale or vent your hatred for Bella?  Or do you just want to suggest a great book (please do!)?  Send an e-mail!


Review Policy

Though loving books—YA and otherwise—can gobble up every free moment of our days, we do not get paid to blog about books.  This is something we truly love and are compelled to discuss with other book people.  The thing is, we have husbands and kids who actually expect us to pay attention to them, so time is always of the essence (and we like them so, you know, we’re willing to give in).

We will happily accept requests to review most young adult books.  If we accept your request, we will be fair, will complete the book and will post a review in a timely manner. If you have a book you’d like us to review, please e-mail us at the address above. At this time, we generally do not accept self-published novels. Also, we are not huge fans of paranormal books (though there are exceptions).


Crush Intensity:

It’s sometimes difficult to put a numerical rating on every book because often times it feels we aren’t comparing apples to apples. How do you rate a heavy hitting, serious book that brings you to tears with the same rating you’d give to a funny, light romantic comedy?  We do our best to look at each book individually, but in addition to the rating system, we try to be very clear on what we did and did not like so that you can always judge for yourself. In any case, the basic system we use is this:

1/5- Skip it (meaning Book, if you even look at me I’ll get a restraining order)

2/5- Consider borrowing it, just for the sake of curiosity

3/5- Read it.  It’s not a favorite but it’s a solid story with redeeming qualities.

4/5- Read it.  It’s good.

5/5- Read it. Read it. Read it.  (Book, you are my Jake Ryan, my one true love)

We’ll always give a numerical rating,  but sometimes we will include some extras.

Memorable Quotes:

If a great line or passage really stands out we’ll try to include it but honestly we have to restrain ourselves (otherwise we’d post the entire book)!

How I See It:

So Vee and I have really vivid imaginations.  And often, when we’re blabbing about our latest book obsession we try to share a visual of what we think the characters look like. We often e-mail photos of actors so we can decide on how we’ll cast the movies we’ll make when we one day take over the world (because obviously movie making is Top Priority when you have control of the world).  Incidentally,  I send Vee alot of pictures of Henry Cavill, Eric Bana and Ben Barnes and friends, for that I can only say, Vee, you’re welcome.  Anyway, if we have a specific picture in mind, we’ll put it in the review too.


If there’s a great song that goes perfectly with the story, we’ll add that as well. This, you will learn, is one of Vee’s greatest areas of crazy expertise.