Top Ten Tuesday Rewind

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by those lovely ladies at The Broke and The Bookish.  This week I get to pick any old topic I want.  Like, literally any past topic. I’ve decided that the topic I most want to discuss is Literary Besties. We’ve done something similar in the past, but this is s subject that never gets old.   Hello, where are you, especially in high school, without your BFFs?  And I think that in YA there are so many shining examples of fun, realistic, devoted friends. Lilly Moscovitz, take a lesson sister!

1. Tina Hakim Baba and Mia Thermopolis, The Princess Diaries series– While I won’t deny that there are some great moments between Mia and her supposed BFF Lilly, most of Mia’s time is spent sorting out drama because Lilly is so mean. Tina, on the other hand, is Mia’s true bestie. This girl knows where it’s at (getting most of her romantic advice from romance novels makes her a love expert), she’s selfless, she gives the best advice and she always, always has the right answer.  I’m serious. Look it up. Tina is always right. And Mia may have only befriended Tina initially in a moment of desperation ( because Lilly was being a beeotch again), but she recognized Tina’s heart once she sat with her that first time,  and despite the fact that Tina continued to date Boris the mouth breathing sweater tucker (who turned out to be super sweet in his own way), she encouraged her and stood by her side always.

2. Simon and Clary, The Mortal Instruments series– I know that Simon actually has a crush on Clary throughout this series, but look, he stands by her through everything. Even though her boyfriend, Jace, is the hottest guy on the planet is pretty rude to him, even though he becomes a vampire because of all the crazy crap Clary is involved in, even though his mom now wants nothing to do with him–he’ll do anything for Clary.  And I love Clary’s passion.  That girl would destroy anyone who harms her boy Simon.  Yes, I felt a little squirmy and uncomfortable when they tried to kiss and be a couple (because Clary, that’s like kissing your brother. Girl, you’ve been down that road before), but they came through it in the end.  And City of Fallen Angels made me love these two and their relationship all the more.

3. Todd and Viola, The Chaos Walking Trilogy– Oh, these two! When they start out, they’re just sort of stuck together, running from danger, but not really sure what to make of one another. But then somehow, not only do they become friends, they become so close and so devoted to each other, that all that matters to one is the survival of the other. They’ll go to any lengths, face an obstacle–even to the point of death–just to find peace in knowing that their best friend is safe.  They have a love that is so hard to describe with words, but it leaps from the pages when you read their story.

4. Jay and Violet, The Body Finder series- Okay, so I’m cheating a bit here because they grow up as besties, but when we meet them Violet is head over heels for our boy Jay.  Of course Jay is crazy about her and he does all of these infuriatingly hot things (like wrap his arms around her waist from behind as he’s helping put a bandage on her cut) to let her know how he feels.  But their story, even without all of the romance, is peppered with flashbacks of their childhood, memories of them growing up, and current moments where with or without the lovey dovey does-he-or-doesn’t-he stuff there is true devotion, commitment and a deep sense of intimacy that only comes from knowing someone as well as you know yourself.  Also, I’m totally partial to best friends who fall in love.

5. Harry, Ron and Hermione, The Harry Potter series– Does it get any better than this?  You have this amazing calling on Harry, The Chosen One, and yet he would be nowhere without the help of his two best friends. Hermione is the brains, the one who makes sense of it all. Ron is the friend who probably wouldn’t normally venture into the kind of trouble these three do, but he does it because Harry’s his mate. And together they’re enveloped into Ron’s awesome family and into the arms of the adults who’ll guide them, but in the end, the three of them face so much danger together.  When everything seems lost, they find a way.

6. Harper and Laney, Saving June– This book, oh, sometimes it hurt.  There was something so real about Harper and Laney’s friendship.  Did you have that friend in high school? The one who wasn’t bothered when you weren’t your peppy self, or who got you when even you didn’t understand?  That was Laney.  She was willing to get into heaps of trouble to go on an insane road trip to get the ashes of Harper’s sister all the way to California.  And in those moments when Laney really needed Harper, she was there beside her, because sometimes you don’t need a friend who’ll change the world for you, you just need someone who will listen without judgement and will be there despite the outcome of everything.

7. Frankie’s Buddies, Saving Francesca– You guys, this book is so fantastic for so many reasons. One of the things I loved most were the characters. Like most Melina Marchetta books, they are aplenty. It seems daunting when I tell you that there was Frankie, then her besties Tara, Justine, Jimmy, Tom (and her big time crush, Will), but they all flow together so beautifully.  Their group forms naturally, with such humor and raw honesty and emotion.  I wanted a group hug when this book was over.  And then, the opportunity to hear from most of them again in The Piper’s Son, made my heart smile.

8. Violet and Katie, Mostly Good Girls I love these girls because they totally made me laugh. This books doesn’t have major things happen, but the relationship between them really struck a chord in me.  They are two normal gals, with a normal friendship that goes through some tough transitions.  The conversations were so real to me, as were the feelings Violet experienced when she saw Katie slipping away slightly.  It’s so hard when you’re close to someone and you feel them changing and you worry about what it’ll do to them and to you and to what you have with them.  Even though this is a funny book, I think Leila Sales nailed the relationship and emotion perfectly.

9. April and Vi, Ten Things We Did– April and Vi are so great together. For the most part, April is a very good girl. She’s careful. She’s safe. She does what she’s supposed to when she’s supposed to. And Vi is pretty solid. She’s responsible (she has to be, she’s practically raising herself).  Together, the two encourage one another to branch out and be a little crazy.  Yes, it blows up in their face in the end, but the journey is fun.

10.  Macy, Wes, Kristy, Monica and Bert, The Truth About Forever– You guys, I love these people. I love their banter. I love the whole dynamic.  They’re all so different and they’re all a little bit kooky, but together they are such sweet, devoted friends. And they welcome Macy into their lives, no questions asked, no judgement, and they treat her like she’s always been a part of them.  And when she’s with them, she feels happy and finally at home.

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Rewind

  1. I have to give a shout out Anna and Etienne. Notwithstanding the romantic tension and ultimate smoochiness of the pair, the manner in which their friendship grows from awkward companions to truly supportive besties is lovely.

  2. where do i begin? this is totally the most awesome list of bffs ever (and i forgive you for not including anne & diana from Anne of Green Gables b/c I know you still haven’t read it). LOVE most of these! (cause i haven’t read them all)…but especially 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 10 (yeah, i think that’s all) but also, elizabeth & jane from P&P… ~dixie

    • Yay! Thank you! I really need to read Anne still. Did you hear she’s coming back to TV in a modern version? I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. We’ll see.

  3. I always thought that Simon and Clary were better off as BFFs than as a couple. Simon is the best guy friend a girl could have.I haven’t read Saving Francesca yet, but I loved Melina Marchetta’s Finnikin of the Rock and Jellicoe Road.

    • I love Finnikin (and Jellicoe, obvs)! I agree with you about Simon and Clary. I love them just as they are. Their devotion to each other is so sweet.

  4. i totally agree with you about Mia and Tina. i always liked Tina waaaaaay better than Lilly and thought she was a much better friend. Lilly pissed me off so much throughout the series. i never really understood why Mia wanted to be besties with her. Well, except for the fact that being friends with Lilly would give you easy access to Michael. So… 😉

    • Michael is reason numero uno to be buddies with Lilly! Hello sleepovers with shirtless older brothers who come in to yell at you for being too loud! 🙂 I think Lilly was really funny most of the time but she was SO bossy and mean. Ugh! In the last book though, she appeared to have grown to have grown up so much. If she hadn’t spotted Mia in the bathroom at Michael’s press thing at Columbia, Michael and Mia may not have met up again (I mean, I think they would have, but I loved that she tried to help them along). I forgive her for being a jerkface.

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