Top Ten Tuesday- Favorite Romances


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted my the awesomepants ladies over at The Broke and The Bookish. In honor of Valentine’s Day (and for me, in honor of my deep abiding love of The Swoon), we’re discussing our favs literary romances. And yeah, I’ve never been particularly shy about sharing my crushes (see: I Have A Page of Them, Hello), it’s always fun to talk about the actual couples who float my boat. There are some great ones, especially in the YA genre. I don’t know, is this because of that incredible force that slams us in first loves, or is it because usually at that age we’re so much more trusting, far less cynical. I’m not sure. All I know is, holy wow, I could spend hours discussing this. And let’s get it out there now. Ten? You want me to list only TEN? I’m so gonna cheat.

1. Michael and Mia, The Princess Diaries– Am I beating a dead horse here? I love both of these characters individually and their coupledom is pure sweetness in every way. There’s such devotion, such cuteness, such loyalty and humor. And you guys, in Princess in Training (the book where Mia is all worried about the S-word and what Michael’s expectations are because she’s just not ready), when Michael tells her, “You’re the girl I want. One day you WILL be mine,” I le sighed until the cows came home.

2. Jane and Mr. Rochester, Jane Eyre– God, he’s a grumpy brat, but I love the hope he finds in her. And Jane is truly one of the most amazing heroines ever written. I love them and this love that drives Rochester to do the wrong thing.

I have little left in myself — I must have you. The world may laugh — may call me absurd, selfish — but it does not signify. My very soul demands you: it will be satisfied, or it will take deadly vengeance on its frame.-Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

3. Adam and Mia, If I Stay/Where She Went– Lordy, their story was gorgeous and breathtaking in the first book, but when we had a chance to see into Adam’s heart in the second one, I think swooned fifty times harder. Their love is so good and so solid. It’s what real-life happy couples, the ones who make it, are made of.

4. Lenny and Joe, The Sky Is Everywhere– He’s goofy and handsome and so besotted with Lenny. She’s flawed funny and full of emotion and passion and pain, and when they come together it’s rich. It’s funny. It’s poetic (or maybe that’s just Jandy Nelson’s impeccable writing).

5. Jay and Violet, The Body Finder– Best friends who fall in love. Neither is perfect, but they have something that’s probably always been there, something that’s blossomed and become undeniable. I really find myself more into their story than the scary bits of those books (and the scary bits are awesome, I just fall for the lovey dovey stuff every single time).

6. Cricket and Lola, Lola and The Boy Next Door- Childhood friends. Do couples get cuter than these two? I think not. I love characters. Love them.

7. Augustus and Hazel, The Fault in Our Stars– These two are funny, so different and so alike. Hazel is a little more guarded, a little more jaded. Augustus is this bright ball of sunshine. They understand each other in a way few others could and Gus wants to make life good and sweet for Hazel. He wants to help her realize her dream-even if she doesn’t know how badly she wants it. But you know what I really love? That his dream is really to see her realize it and to experience it all with her. Oh, I need to read this one again. Loved it.

8. Ron and Hermione, The Harry Potter series– Their story isn’t even one of the main plots in the books and yet, there it is, unfolding little by little as they grow up. They’re friends, their immature (ahem, Ron), they have banter and they argue, but beneath it all is that love that goes beyond friendship and is so hard to truly classify as anything but meant to be.

9. Wes and Macy, The Truth About Forever– Obviously we know that Wes is the kind of cute that makes every girl who sees him go gaga, but I love how unphased he is by it all. He and Macy (though she has the Sa-woon, too) have these great conversations and laughter. It’s not Wham I’m Your Bio Partner and Now We’re in Love. It’s slow. It’s funny. It blurs lines before either of them can really admit it. I seriously love that book. It’s my favorite Dessen, no question about it.

10. Finnikin and Evanjelin, Finnikin of the Rock- Man, these two have some serious passion. First, they fight. A lot. Because they are both really strong-willed. And then, when they start liking each other it’s that thing again, the line blurring. The fact that they both feel something more, but neither can admit it. And the end is so beautiful, so romantic. I mean, of course. It’s Melina Marchetta.

11. Taylor and Jonah, Jellicoe Road- Yes, it’s Melina Marchetta again. Taylor and Jonah are both a bit emotionally damaged. She’s a little crazy. He’s a little uptight. But they find something in each other. It’s something that started long ago and then somehow evolved into this rivalry, but when they finally admit the truth to themselves, it’s seriously swoonworthy. You guys, I’m telling the truth. Jonah Effing Griggs is to die for. Page melter, all the way.

12. Tobias and Tris, The Divergent series– I liked them in the first book, but when the second book came around I was really whoa mama-ing. A lot. These two are majorly intense. Tobias especially. I’m totally into it.

13. Henry and Claire, The Time Traveler’s Wife– This isn’t YA, but I seriously love this book. It is about as romantic as it gets. Henry is incredible, flawed and as swoony as can be. But that’s all because of Claire. Without her he’s nothing. He’s a mess, a drunk, troubled mess. She grounds him with her devotion and her love. They are such a picture of commitment and give, in my opinion, such a realistic image of healthy, married love (you know, minus the time travel).

There are so many more. Tell me who your picks are!

Happy Tuesday!

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Favorite Romances

    • You crack me up. This one was so easy. The list has been written in my head forever since, as an uber nerd, I must keep lists of my favorite literary characters.

  1. you always have the best lists, especially anything to do with sa-woon. Geez, I do love that book and I thank you for introducing it to me. all of the others are pretty fantastic, too. I really need to read Jane Eyre.

  2. As soon as I read the title I immediately thought of Michael and Mia! I also really love Anna and Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss! Tobias and Tris are are great couple too! Gawd- I wish I had a swoonworthy romance-novel-worthy romance!
    Jennifer xx

  3. Eee! LOVE best-friend-turned-lovers romances. Jay and Cricket are the adorable-est.
    I had Taylor and Griggs too – but one of the quotes that always really struck me with them is near the end where Taylor is telling Hannah that she doesn’t want Griggs to leave, but she needs to know she won’t fall to pieces without him. Like, I love the swoony stuff, but… I dunno, I was glad that she’s got that strength, that she keeps that strength.

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