A Valentine for You

I know I’ve been the worst blogger this week.

mailboxesI’ve been busy doing Valentine things (because I’m that person who has little mailboxes for everyone in her family and I have to put something cute in them every single day to tell my people they’re my loves, big and small).

The_Lego_Movie_posterAlso, I was hanging with the family on our extra long weekend, watching The Lego Movie. Have you seen it? Did you spend several hours afterward singing “Everything Is Awesome”? I may have.

Girl Scout CookiesAlso, as is typical this time of year, I’ve been out selling Girl Scout cookies with my troops. Okay, and eating them. Alot of them.

Cool quizAnd then I took this obviously flawed Buzzfeed quiz. Whatever.

But I’ve also been reading. And thinking about all the reviews I have to write but don’t feel like doing haven’t gotten around to yet. I have a fabulous author interview coming up next week with my SC group, and I have a couple of books I read recently and loved that I’m excited to share with you. So, I’ve fallen short as a blogger this week, but I hope you know I’m thinking of you guys. Thanks for reading.

Here’s something adorable I saw on Facebook and Pinterest today. Enjoy.

Dementor valentine

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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