District WTH?

by Tee

So you may have heard.  About the casting.  You know, for The Hunger Games movie.   It kind of sucks.  And by kind of I mean HOLY FREAKING BANANAS GARY ROSS!!!! HAVE YOU BEEN GETTING LOOPED WITH HAYMITCH??! !

I mean, I’m sure these are perfectly nice guys and all,  but all I can say is no.  And also…no.

Our new Gale dated Miley Cyrus.  From the Disney Channel!  And he was in a film adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel.  The Sparkster!!! (say it isn’t so).

The new Gale and um, Miley Cyrus at the premiere of a Nicholas Sparks inspired movie...that they both starred in.

And Peeta.  Oh the horrors of Peeta.  Even though I remain a firmly Team Gale kind of girl I feel bad about Peeta.  Maybe blonde hair will help?  They are going to dye his hair, right?  Of course, that always turns out lovely.  Take for instance the gem that was the Twilight movie.

Twilight's Jasper before blondeification

And after

Yeah, looking forward to that.

So to recap, here is the cast of the film as of today:


Jennifer Lawrence from Winter’s Bone will probably be amazing.  I have no issue with this casting.



Josh Hutcherson from The Kids Are Alright.  This is not our tall, blonde, delicate bakery boy, but we’ll try to keep an open mind.

Is this your idea of Peeta?


Liam Hemsworth of the roadkill that is anything related to Nicholas Sparks.  But hey, Ryan Gosling turned out pretty good so we’ll give him a chance.  I mean, do we really have a choice?

So not Gale, I'm sorry

I WILL be totally fair and keep an open mind about this though, I promise.  I mean, remember when everyone hated the casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and they like, sent him death threats and stuff (crazay)?  But then the Twilight movies came out everyone went all ga ga and now Pattinson is a major panty magnet.  So maybe all will be well.

Still, just as a reminder, here’s who we were hoping for.  Keeping our fingers crossed on Haymitch, Effie and Cinna.

11 thoughts on “District WTH?

  1. That picture at the bottom is not Liam Hemsworth is it? If I’m not completely mistaken, that’s his brother, Chris Hemsworth.

    • Therese you are totally right! My bad. I fixed it. Is it just me or do both those Hemsworth boys look very alike…are very not Gale? Or maybe I was in a fog of deep, saddened disappointment when I did my Google Image search (because I had no clue who Hemsworth was when the announcement came out). Thanks for the heads up!

  2. This is ruining my birthday. They picked poorly. I know you love Gale but I love Peeta. Let me tell you they picked the wrong guy for Peeta! He is not what I imagine him to look like at all. Of course I am totally still going to see the movie. 🙂

    • Of course! That’s the part that sucks. They have us anyway! I really do love Peeta too. I sound like a mega dork saying this..yet I digress. I think Peeta is the perfect choice for Katniss but Gale is who I would have picked if it were me. That probably makes no sense, right? I think Gale and Katniss are too alike, too hard-edged and tough and Peeta came in with his sweet devotion and softened her. All that said that boy choices for this film are sucksville!
      Happy Birthday though! 🙂

    • I’m good with her or Elizabeth Banks. I haven’t heard even the slightest rumor about who is being considered, so it will be interesting to see what happens next. I’m so curious about Cinna. I love the fabulousness that is Cinna and I fear I’ll hate whomever they choose.

  3. i like josh for peeta, he seems to have the right temperment. i wish he was blonde (& maybe hunter parrish, but i digress). i don’t know how i feel about gale. i want gale to be dark & brooding. someone like…a young daniel sunjata (hubba hubba). i think all liam has going for him is that he’s tall. eh. we’ll see. i do like jennifer, although she doesn’t really fit, either. can’t wait to find out the rest of the cast. i am totally pulling for elizabeth banks as effie. i think she’d be fantastic. someone mentioned jeffery dean morgan for haymitch, which i think is brilliant!

    • Oh Hunter Parrish. Don’t remind me! I really, really wanted a dark brooding type for Gale but clearly that is not happening. We just have to hope that it’s going to be about the chemistry. It wouldn’t matter if they picked everyone exactly as we hoped if the acting was poor or the chemistry was off. I am not happy with the choice of Josh Hutcherson, but I haven’t seen any of his films so I’m probably not being fair. He might be perfect, who knows? I like your suggestion of Jeffery Dean Morgan as Haymitch though. I have such a soft spot for that crabby old drunk (Haymitch, not Morgan, of course)!

  4. This is crazy bananas. Sorry I hadn’t replied sooner. I was evidently, according to my beloved, passed out on the floor for days. It’s because I am that devastated. I can get past Gale, I mean, he’s ay’t, but Peeta? Ugh. Really? I. Am. Sad. I need a sad face tee-shirt so I can wear it to opening night of the movie. Cuz, I’m going, moo, but, this is……..devastating.

    • Oh moo. We will be there (and high fivsies. Let’s nerd out and make some homemade shirts). But dude…Gale makes me want to hurl (sorry actor guy. Nothing personal). At least Peeta, though unPeetish he is, has some sense of sweetness about him (yes, I can tell all of this from a photo). It wrong. ALL. WRONG.

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