Summer is In Full Swing

Well, summer is ON in my house. The kiddos are on their second week of vacation, and the hubs (who is a teacher) will officially be off for the summer in a matter of days. You know what that means?  Yes, beach time, Disneyland, lots of ice cream and visits to the free summer film festivals at the local theaters…but it also means lots of reading.

The family and I usually sprawl all over the sofas or floor at some point each day and read and read and read.  I love moments like those.  And sometimes we talk about what we’re reading, which I also love unless it’s my husband who does the talking. This is because he usually reads books about terrorists or serial killers (WHERE IS THE SWOON???). Otherwise, I love hearing what the girls are reading and telling them about what I’m diving into.

Currently, I have a ginormous stack of books on my nightstand.  I’m in the middle of The List by Siobhan Vivian—so far I’m totally into it—and Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta—hello, do you even need to ask? Of course it’s excellent.  AND I’m getting ready to do a reread of The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson because I chose it for my book club (le sigh!).  I also think I need to do a reread of some Dessen and throw in The Summer books by Jenny Han too.  I’m having a Conrad/Belly craving right now!

So what are you reading this summer?


Oh yeah, I’m going all ’90’s on yo azz:

6 thoughts on “Summer is In Full Swing

  1. I think I’m officially jealous of your summers and hope that one day when I have kids we’ll all sit around and discuss what we’re reading! Although I can totally see my (potential) husband reading either books that have terrorists or serial killers in them or boring history/political books. Boo! I need some swoon in them too! Hope you and your family have a lovely summer!

    And DISNEYLAND?! Surely you need company on these outings! 🙂

    • If you are ever in Cali you can come to Dland with us! We have passes so we try to go as often as possible. When my oldest daughter was little we used to go every single week. The princesses knew her by name.:) Have a great summer!

  2. I fully support your rereading choices! I read The Summer books so often it’s crazy and now Jenny Han has tricked me into buying the pb edition Always so I can read Conrad’s letters (squee!!) so I have to read all of them again to get the full experience. Right?!

    Also, Marchetta is one of few authors who can make me consider reading fantasy. She is amazing.

    As for my summer reading, I’m dreaming of Second Chance Summer (Morgan Matson) and In Honor (Jessi Kirby). And upcoming Something Like Normal (Trish Doller) and My Life Next Door (Huntley Fitzpatrick). And many, many more. Next up is Beautiful Disaster (Jamie McGuire, whom I always think of as Jerry Maguire). Have a happy & swoony summer! 😀

    • Oh Maria, I’ve totally got Conrad and Belly on the brain right now. It’s so time for a reread! Clearly I need the PB so that I can get Conrad’s letters. I hate it when they do that to me!!!! I love your reading list. You’ve given me more to add to mine (that’s a good thing). Happy summer!

      • Jenny Han was sooo cute. I wish I had gotten to talk to her, but she was at the other table (the younger YA bloggers didn’t mess around and were always way earlier to things than I!)… I have a huge summer pile, some for work (This is Not a Test, Linger — again, the new Jennifer Echols, If I Lie) and for pleasure (The Raven Boys, Reunited, Skylark, Crewel, Evie and Adam, etc. etc. etc.) all courtesy of BEA!

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