Fangirl Friday-January 27

Fangirl Friday is hosted by my friend Evil Eva at Nancy Drew is my Homegirl (just listen to that name. You wish you’d thought of it too, right?). It’s all about us picking the latest things we’re having a spazz about.  This is a good thing in my book.

1. Finnikin of the Mother Cussing Rock- Um, so the title is actually Finnikin of the Rock and it’s by Melina Marchetta (see AWESOME in the dictionary). This is one that I’d never gotten around to reading. I have no idea why since I love her books. But lo and behold, my friend Sandie at Teen Lit Rocks told me I had to read it, so guess what? I did and whoa. I’m not sure why I’m surprised to love it so much but seriously, omgiloveitsomuch!

2. 30 Rock- Hello, what year is this? I know. This show has been on for ages, but I don’t watch alot of television. You know, with parenting, reading, blogging, hanging out with my incredibly adorable husband (despite the fact that he makes me watch terrible things like Ancient Aliens, he is quite cute), I don’t have many shows I’m into. Recently, the hubs and I decided to download the first season of 30 Rock since, in the past, we’ve only watched an episode or two and guys, I don’t have to tell you this but, really, it’s pure awesome. Is there anything Tina Fey can’t do? I think not.

3. Girl Scout Cookies- Both of my kids are Girl Scouts and this weekend we officially start selling cookies.  This is both good and bad for me. It’s bad because a) it’s alot of work and b) I eat a ton and it’s good because a) my kids enjoy it and b)  I eat a ton. Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

4. Fred Astaire- My husband and kids and I have Family Movie Night every weekend. We take turns picking a movie and watching it in our pajamas while eating popcorn and a special dessert.  Our children usually bring hordes of stuffed animals and Pillow Pets to “watch” with us so that there’s barely room for actual humans to sit on the sofa.  And my youngest child almost always chooses a Barbie movie, while my hubs tries to get the kids into Star Wars, Jurassic Park and any superhero movies. My oldest daughter and I try to bounce between old movies, cartoons and Disney movies.  Last week she chose Holiday Inn, and I still have this scene/song in my head. I’d forgotten how much I love Fred Astaire.

5. Ryan Gosling Reads Young Adult– Because it’s still not old to me. I love this blog. Here’s one of my recent favs.

6. The YA Love Spreads-  Oh yes. I have a sixth thing to spazz over.  This week my friend Dana borrowed not one, but two amazing books from me.  But wait until you hear what they are because then you’ll understand why I’m so psyched: The Sky Is Everywhere (my favorite book last year) and I’ll Be There (my other favorite book last year). The whole thing makes me want to squee because I love knowing that someone is about to experience an amazing book. And, obviously, I love being able to chat about said books once my friends have read them.   I told her I’d try to resist texting her everyday to ask what page she’s on.  We’ll see how that works out for me.

Happy Friday Everyone!

14 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday-January 27

  1. I was late getting into the 30 Rock game but once I started watching it I literally could not stop… I was quoting Tina for weeks afterwards. Actually, I still quote stuff from the show. Constantly. Also, your daughter ROCKS for picking Holiday Inn. It’s definitely one of my favorite old movies and I’m highly impressed that she picked it!

    • She’ll love it when I tell her you said that (because, you know, she isn’t allowed to read my blog since she’s only ten). She loves old movies and Nancy Drew and Little Women (book and films) so we always tell her she’s vintage. She totally doesn’t get it though. 🙂

  2. My name made your Fangirl Friday list?!?! As you would say,”HOLLA!!!!!!” 🙂

    So let me just tell you I am more than half way through with the sky is everywhere. OMG! Oh Lennie. I almost died when she was with Toby and Joe walked in and almost caught them. Poor smiley Joe. SO GOOD! Thanks for letting me borrow the books.

    • It NEVER gets old. I think we need more sites like this. Maybe a James McAvoy Reads YA? Or a Michael Fassbender Reads YA? Sorry, I have X Men on the brain right now.

      • Lets do it! Oh wait, I have no idea how to do cool things with pic on computers. It’s sad. The fact that I can answer e-mails and update a blog is miraculous. I’ve become my parents. My kids know more about technology than me. I can barely work the Wii.

  3. i love the Ryan Gosling Reads YA thing! It’s too funny and too awesome!
    i need to catch up on my Melina Marchetta reading. i’ve been staring at Jellicoe Road on my TBR pile forever. i have GOT to read that book! i’ve heard so many good things about it. i really need to see what everyone is spazzing out about.

    • I’m still thinking about it. Love it! Have patience because it’s a fantasy novel and there are lots of people and places and crazy business going on but it’s so good. I loved the two main characters.

  4. Hooray, I made your FF write-up. Awesome! And now we can share our love of one more literary man (gotta love the hot gingers!). Huge fan of Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender AND James McAvoy (I’ve interviewed all three, woot!); see, we have the same taste in real men not just fictional ones.

    • Tell me more about these interviews! I’m jealous! I’m normally not a fangirl for Gosling (though he’s adorbs) but noew that I know he loves YA…ha ha. 🙂

  5. I’m pretty sure all these things you’re spazzing over means we’re destined to be friends. I haven’t watched much Fred Astaire, but I just discovered Gene Kelly (and you thought your 30 Rock was a tad late) and OH THIS MAN. I loved Singin’ in the Rain! =)

    • Oh Capilla! I love Gene Kelly too. He’s a stud muffin (you know, for the time). Singing in the Rain is one of my favs. My kids watch it all the time. Speaking of old movie guys, you know who else I crush on? Captain Von Trapp from The Sound of Music. He’s not a dancer, but he sings. And the tension between he and Maria gets me every single time.

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